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Bringing Some New Themes to TypePad

Our design team has been busy making plans to add more themes to TypePad.

One project they'll be working on in the coming months is to bring over some of the professionally-designed themes from our sister service Vox for you to use on your TypePad blog.  There are many styles to choose from, so the design team is asking for your help. 

Below you'll find a poll with some small screenshots of a handful of Vox themes.  Vote for up to three of your favorites - you'll have until February 21st to cast your vote.  Once the votes are in, they'll make it a priority to bring over the most popular themes first.

The design team also wants to know what types of themes you'd like them to design for you from scratch.  Would you like a theme that displays your interest - technology, sports, knitting, business, baking? Describe the type of themes you'd like to see in the comments, and the team will read through all your great ideas to inspire their new creations.   

Be sure to cast your vote and then share your ideas in the comments!

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