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Preview the 15 New Themes We Just Added

Fifteen Bold New Blog Themes

Many of you have asked for more design choices for your blog, and we're excited to announce that we've just added fifteen new themes to TypePad.  There are three new professionally-designed themes, each with five color variations to choose from:

Baron - Brown (Also available in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple)

Leaves - Green (Also available in Blue, Brown, Noir, Rouge)

Starry Night - Pink (Also available in Blue, Green, Purple, Red)

When we recently asked you what types of new themes you'd like to see, some of you requested themes that look sleek and professional so you can use them for your business blog.  Our design team hopes the minimal look of the Baron theme will be a welcome addition to meet your needs.  The Leaves and Starry Night designs are a bit more whimsical, but we like to think of them as "professional yet fun" which is what TypePad member Álvaro asked for in his comment to a recent post.    

The same theme can give off a really different feel depending on what color you choose; browse through all the color variations to see which one might be right for you!


Hans-Joerg (ME)

Wow... and they are all excellent.
Immediately switched to Starry Night :-)
Love it. Keep up the good work! *g*



You guys are great! Thank you. :)

Account Deleted

Very cool. I always like your templates. When will you offer pagination from the index page? This would be a big help to my readers. I get asked all the time.

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Hooray! These are great.

Offering more blog themes is key to expanding the popularity of Type Pad blogs. This is especially true for business blogs as you mention above.

Blogs are all about individuality, so the more of these that you offer, the better you will encourage the growth of your business. Why not offer 200 new ones instead of just 3 at a time?

Suggestion: How about adding some themes where the user can add his/her own graphics to the header? Either as just a small image or to replace the whole header entirely.

This is not hard to do but seems a basic trick you have missed so far. It would greatly increase the appeal of your templates to business owners who are very concerned about branding presentation.

Lastly, enough with the gradients already...

Thank you.
Scott Fox,
Author, Internet Riches - now in paperback!
Author, The E-Business Success Blog: http://www.ScottFoxBlog.com - a Type Pad blog


Thanks for the new designs guys. What I REALLY wish for is typepad designs that are clean, simple with a nice rounded text, a serif text for example. Either white or black, with choices of multiple side columns and choice of the main column in the center of the page or to the right or left. I love what tinyshowcase.com did with movable type, and I like their layout as well. Rosapomar.com is also wonderfully layed out. I wish the new themes weren't so focused on color or pattern because lots of us would rather focus on the personal touches that go into the blog's title/pictures/content. Thanks for the new designs, though I hope more designs will come out that apply to what my needs are. Thanks for listening.


Good to see some new designs. What I've been really looking for/forward to are some different and more professional looking photo gallery options, maybe that involve Flash? Are those in the works?


Derek Hixon


I want to second Emily's comment. Please give us the opportunity to build on each design - even if this just involves being able to add a custom header. Also, when can we expect horizontal navigation? Seems to me that this is one of those areas that WordPress wins at hands down.


HORIZONTAL NAVIGATION BAR ASAP... come on guys this is a no brainer.

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