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Lovely New Styles for Photo Albums

As we've been reading through all of the feedback and ideas sent in from the TypePad community over the last few days, one request we saw many times was for new styles for your photo albums.  We're excited to let you know that we just added four new photo album styles this afternoon.

Radiantheart  Heartspink_2

            Radiant Heart  &  Hearts Pink

You'll notice a lot of hearts, red and pink in these themes, just in time for Valentine's Day.  But we think there are lots of other occasions to use these lovely styles, from wedding and engagement photos, to pictures of your new baby, or to celebrate any and all of your passions and true loves, year round.

Romanticred_2  Stripesred_2

            Romantic  &  Stripes Red

Find the new styles under Photo Albums > Design > Style and look for "Valentine's Day" in the dropdown menu.  For further reading on photo albums, you can read articles in the Knowledge Base about customizing your  photo album's style, layout and content.

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