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Results of the Design Poll

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, our design team is working on bringing over some themes from Vox into Typepad.  We asked for your help to determine which themes to add first, and hundreds of you voted in the poll we posted!  The suggestions you left in the comments were also really helpful and the design team will use them for inspiration to create new themes. 

The poll results are in, and thanks to your feedback we'll make it a priority to bring over your top two choices - the Huntington and Cityscape themes - from Vox first. 

We previewed Huntington Blue for you, but we will actually bring over six color variations for Huntington.  Here's a preview of a few of the other colors:

Huntingtongreen_2 Huntingtonblack Huntingtonred

And though we only listed four cityscapes in the poll (Paris, NYC, SF, Tokyo), we actually have themes for twenty different cities that we can bring over from Vox.  Since we saw requests for several other cities in the comments - from Boston to Sydney - we're going to work on bringing over every cityscape we have available.

A huge thanks to everyone who voted in the poll.  We'll be adding these Vox themes in the coming weeks, and will let you know here when they're available.

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