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Announcing the “What Do You Have To Say” Theme Contest

Design has always been a focus at Six Apart, and in recent weeks we’ve incorporated more and more themes here in TypePad.  Many of you have shared your feedback on what types of themes you'd like to see here, and now we have a new opportunity for you to have a say in which themes we add.

Today we're launching the "What Do You Have To Say?" theme design contest.  You can have your say in two ways: 

  • Are you a designer?  Create a theme that inspires you and enter it into the contest.
  • Not a designer? Share your vision by voting on your favorite design.


A panel of judges will select three winners who will win some cool prizes.  The community will vote to determine one "Community Prize" winner who will receive all the kudos and glory we can heap upon them.  All of the winning themes will be made available to millions of bloggers on TypePad, Vox and LiveJournal.

Take note of these important dates:

  • Designers: submit your themes between now and April 4th.
  • Community voting is open until April 11th.
  • The winners will be announced at the end of April.

Visit the "What Do You Have To Say?" theme design contest site for more details, be sure to read all the rules, and then submit your theme today! 


David Ewart

This is a great idea.

And if there are cool designers out there, how about you folks providing a market place where non-designer TypePad users like me could check about purchasing a design that would work "off the shelf" in Typepad?

I'm not sure about the logistics of this, but if you could make it happen it would provide a great option between your "included with your TypePad fee designs" and the "customize your own" design.

I don't have the skills or time to customize a design but I'd pay someone else for a cool design IF I could use it on TypePad without having to do any tricky steps to import the design.


I second that David Ewart's point.

I have worked with Typepad for a long time and help other people to start blogging or to set up a web presence through DefogMyBlog. What would also be useful for me is if people could register an account and not have to set up their first blog immediately.

Some people I work with only do email and taking them through the whole process is stressful for both parties. It only has to happen once and then I take it over and transform it for them and show how to do a posting or to edit. Why not avoid that first part completely. Let them register for whatever package I have advised them to sign up for, over and out.

Eventually I suppose you could design your forms to include the buddy access but it is not absolutely necessary. Just a "Would you like to design your first blog later?" and a tick box would be fine.

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