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Announcing the Design Assistant

You've told us loud and clear you want even more, even better design options, and in recent weeks we've been concentrating on bringing you what you asked for by adding new themes and functionality to help you make your blog beautiful. 

We've passed a milestone in our design offering recently.  Here it is, short and sweet:

100 themes, over 1000 professional designs, and an infinite number of customization possibilties.

With last week's launch of five variations each for three all-new professionally-designed themes, TypePad became the first hosted blogging service to offer over 100 design options built right in. And as always, every single theme on TypePad works right out of the box with every widget, every TypeList, and every feature on TypePad.

But we're still adding features.  Today we're introducing the Design Assistant to TypePad.  The Design Assistant made its debut for Movable Type a few weeks ago, eliciting responses like "This is amazing!", "Very cool!", "Fantastic! This is something many didn't even dream of". This new Assistant comes with all the features and functionality that wowed the MT audience, but it's custom-tailored to work with the 100+ unique themes built into TypePad.


The Design Assistant will walk you through the process of choosing from all of TypePad's themes and layouts - as well as custom CSS – in order to assist you in visualizing your blog’s look and feel.  Plus, for the very first time you can see all of TypePad's themes, at a glance, whether you're logged in as a member or not.  Just go to the Design Assistant and click on the Select A Theme tab.


Once you've chosen a theme, you can preview what it would look like in each of the layouts that are currently available.  You can also test drive how some custom CSS will alter your design's look before the final step, which instructs you how to apply the look you just created to your blog.

Of course, we're not stopping here.  We have a few more design fixes and features up our sleeves, and we're working to add some specific features you've asked for, including an easy way to add horizontal navigation to your blog that works with TypePad pages, and additional templates to choose from.  Look for those in the coming months.

As we promised at the start of the year, 2008 is set to be TypePad's best year ever. Many of the best bloggers in the world make their home on TypePad, and with today's design milestone, we're proud to point out that many of the most beautiful blogs in the world are powered by TypePad, too. In the comments, let us know if you give the Design Assistant a spin, or link us to the customized design you're proud to have built with TypePad.

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