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Apple hits 100,000 iPhone SDK downloads; we're excited!

CommentssAs you can probably imagine, we're very excited about the possibilities that the new iPhone Software Development Kit opens up for mobile application development.  Last week we announced that we'll be developing a native iPhone application, as a complement to our existing TypePad for iPhone web app. (If you're a TypePad user with an iPhone or iPod Touch, visit to check it out.) Today there's plenty of coverage about Apple's SDK topping 100,000 downloads, and our very own Chris Alden is quoted in Apple's press release announcing that milestone:

"Six Apart pioneered the mobile blogging experience with an iPhone-optimized blog service," said Chris Alden, CEO, Six Apart. "We're taking it to the next level with our native iPhone application for TypePad that's already in development."

What's gratifying for everyone on the TypePad team is that our iPhone web app started as a "hackathon" project for Walt Dickinson, one of our rock star designers and front-end engineers at Six Apart. (Walt's a long time Mac user and Apple fan, so to see his work show up in an Apple press release was pretty cool.)

But what's a "hackathon" you ask? Every Wednesday we clear the calendars and encourage our engineers, designers and even marketers to hack on a project of their choice. And out of those Wednesdays we get great features like the iPhone web app for TypePad, and plugins for TypePad's sister product Movable Type like Mark Paschal's Action Streams Plugin and Ben Trott's new Fire Eagle Plugin (just announced today).

So we're excited about the iPhone, obviously.  But it's only part of the story of what we're doing at Six Apart. If you're interested in helping us invent the future of blogging -- and have the freedom to hack your projects on Wednesdays -- we're hiring, so get in touch!


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