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Join Us at BlogHer Business '08

Blogher At Six Apart, the makers of TypePad, Vox and Movable Type, we’ll use any excuse we can to mix business and pleasure. It’s not that hard since we love what we do, but we thought since BlogHer Business ’08 is just around the corner, it would be a perfect excuse to hang out with any TypePad members who might be in attendance. We’d love to take the opportunity to get to know you, buy you a cup of coffee, and talk about what really matters: you & your blog.

BlogHer Business '08 has an awesome lineup of speakers, including several TypePad members.  Whether or not you're able to attend the conference, you can visit their blogs at any time:

If you're planning on attending the BlogHer Business ’08, please let us know in the comments. We’ll get in touch to let you know where we’re going to be and when.

Hope to see you in NYC!


Anna Farmery

Hi there, thanks for the mention. Would love to meet up with you to discuss how I utilise more of typepads features. people keep telling me I should move to wordpress and I don't want to...typepad is my spiritual home :) Would be great to talk


I truly wish I could be there, but it's too expensive for a freelancer like me... I even tried to get a Blogging Scholarship, trading work/words for admission, but they were limited in terms of the scholarships they could offer. I don't blame them; after all, launching a conference takes money, but as a freelancer and a blogger who'd really like to take my blogs to the next level, I'm still disappointed.

If anyone hears of new scholarships, please let me know. Thanks! And wishing Blogher the best of luck!

Yvonne DiVita

I'd love to sit down with you, Krissy. And anyone else from Typepad. We're diehard fans. We recommend and build all our blogs in typepad. Even our Purina blogs are in Typepad! I am speaking on a panel but will be around otherwise. I hope we can meet up.

Amy Lenzo

How wonderful that you're promoting BlogHer again! Bravo, TypePad! (I still use the fabulous SixApart schwag you gave out at BlogHer 2006 in San Jose! :-)

I live in the California bay area so won't be in New York this time, but I hope you'll be sponsoring BlogHer in San Francisco later this year (July 18-20). If you do something like this again there - which I think is a great idea - I'll see you all at the Westin!


Hey, thanks for the shout-out! As a long-time TypePad blogger, I really appreciate the mention. Look forward to meeting you in NYC.

Yvonne DiVita

Hi All,
Yvonne DiVita here. I'm on the lookout but you ladies who are here at Blogher might find me easier than I can find you. I'm the one in the really outrageously colorful jacket. (I like to stand out in a crowd.)

See you soon, I hope!

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