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New Themes from Vox & HP

Last month we let you know we'd be bringing some Vox themes to TypePad, and asked you which themes you'd like to see here first.  Hundreds of you voted and chose the Huntington and Cityscape themes as your priority.  We've just added six color variations of the Huntington themes and four of the Cityscape themes. 

We also added three themes from Gwen Stefani and HP, which will only be available for a limited time.  You can keep them on your blog as long as you'd like, but you'll have to grab them now before they disappear from our theme gallery.


Left to Right: 
HP Lovers Plug In, HP Lovers Rock, HP Plugin, Cityscape NYC, Cityscape Paris, Cityscape SF, Cityscape Tokyo, Huntington Black, Huntington Blue, Huntington Brown, Huntington Green, Huntington Pink, Huntington Wine 


Martyn Drake

Very nice! I *do* like the cityscape themes - but is there a London one for those o us that don't fit into that square hole of either being in France, the US or Japan? ;)

Account Deleted


Love the new themes! :) Could you bring in a Kyoto cityscape? That would be AWESOME! And certainly more cityscapes too...

thank you,

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