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Jazz up your blog with a Custom Theme!

Custom ThemeWith all the attention lately on weblog design, we want to share with you about the great tools you already have in TypePad.

TypePad's theme builder gives you the opportunity to create a unique design without the need to know any HTML or CSS. You can use a Custom Theme to select the colors and styles of individual elements of your blog. You can upload a custom banner image with your own logo to grab the attention of your readers. Background colors and text styles can be selected for content displayed in each column.

With a Custom Theme, you can select from any of the available layouts, including one, two, or three columns with additional Mixed Media layouts that highlight photos.

Two examples of TypePad blogs using custom themes are The Zen Birdfeeder and Fathom Harvill.

The Zen BirdfeederFathom Harvill

To see TypePad's design tools in action, we also have a video available on configuring a Custom Theme for your blog.

With all of these tools at your fingertips, it's easy to turn your TypePad blog into a work of art!

- Jen and the Support Team



I have been using the custom theme feature on my blog for quite a while. My one comment is I want more colors, and I want the ability to make my back background (the part that is "beyond" the size of my blog width, to have a texture, and I don't know how to do this. Help!?

TypePad Support

Hi September! You can include any color code - - in the box to the right of the color bar in a Custom Theme. This allows you to add any color to the various elements in your blog's design.

To add a background image, you would need to use the Custom CSS feature. You can read more about adding a background image here:


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