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A New Facebook Application: Blog It Powered by TypePad

Raise your hand if, in addition to your TypePad blog, you write and post about your life or business to several other places online. Yes, we all do it too. To make all this posting across the web even easier, Six Apart has just taken another step in an ongoing effort to create better tools for bloggers, no matter what publishing platform you use.

Blog ItWe’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new Facebook application — Blog It Powered by TypePad. Blog It brings some of the best social aspects of Facebook to blogging, making it easy to blog or micro-blog from within Facebook and let friends and colleagues around the web know what you’re posting. Unlike existing blogging tools within Facebook, Blog It is not limited to any one company’s blogging services, but instead works with nearly a dozen services including Blogger, TypePad, Twitter, Movable Type, Vox, and WordPress.

Blog It also offers the ability to notify friends and colleagues around the web about new posts. When writing a post, you can choose to automatically share it via Twitter and Pownce in addition to the Facebook Newsfeed. While many Facebook applications rely solely on the Newsfeed to share activity, Blog It is unique in that it helps bloggers share what they’re creating with people they know across the web.

A few TypePad users have already previewed the Blog It application to rave reviews. Michael Louie said, “No longer do I need to repetitiously input my updates into each separate social network. With one click from Blog It, all my friends from Facebook, Twitter, and the blog communities know what I’m doing.”

To get started, simply add the Blog It application on Facebook and take a minute to set up your account details — just like any other blogging client. From there you can create new posts and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pownce, all just by ticking a few extra boxes. Watch this screencast to preview how Blog It works.

Why not give Blog It a try? For more information about Blog It powered by TypePad, please visit http://blogit.typepad.com/.


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