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Happy April Fool's Day!

We decided to spare our TypePad members from any April Fool's ideas we might have dreamed up, but there are still plenty of shenanigans going on at Six Apart HQ (photos courtesy of Garth Webb).

Here's what Ben Trott, our co-founder and CTO, found when he arrived at his office this morning:


After he wedged his way inside the office, he attempted to sit at his desk to get some work done:


That really wasn't, er, working, so he had no choice but to let the balloons spill out into the hall:


And share the fun with everyone else.


Did you get fooled today?  Tell us about it in the comments!



Didn't get caught out by it - but there was a great piece of TV today from the BBC.
A new colony of penguins that they had been filmed as they (wait for it...) took off and flew.

If you're in the UK you can view it through their iPlayer, otherwise view it on YouTube.

Almost as good as their spaghetti trees film from years ago.

Dan Green

I posted about Blog Dot Blog today -- a new service that lets bloggers register their own .blog domain name.

Not as cool as penguins flying, but still pretty funny.

Number Fan

At Numbers That Work, we engineered an April Fools Day spoof on Fox and Friends Steve Doocy, Author of 'Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook' book and blamed it on Brian Kilmeade. Of course all efforts to contact Fox & Friends failed but it was fun.

It's not immediately obvious what the joke is but here's a brief description:
The numbers in the domain 64783742779.info spell Mister Happy on a phone keypad; thus Brian is able to say he has Steve's number.

The domain http://www.64783742779.info is being used as a forwarder to "The Hamster Dance Website." (forwarding should be disabled soon)

Our Numbers That Work TypePad weblog is about using numbers in domains to connect with mobile surfers.

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