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Six Apart: A Full Service Company For Bloggers

Since Six Apart was founded six years ago, we've watched the blogosphere expand and the influence of blogs grow exponentially. You've amazed us with where you've taken your blogs, from putting a personal face on big company like Coca-Cola or Amazon, to turning one great idea into a daily destination like Cute Overload.  As your needs and ambitions for your blogs have expanded, you've asked us for even more services to help achieve your goals, building on the great TypePad support that you already love. Since Six Apart is a company by bloggers for bloggers, our mission is to help you achieve blogging success, however you define it.

As we explained at the beginning of this year, 2008 is set to be TypePad's best year ever. And one part of that commitment is that, over the course of this year, we will be expanding our offering to include advertising and services that are designed to make your blog even more successful. 

Here's what to watch for in the coming months:

  • Design and Development Services for power bloggers, media companies and enterprises
  • An Advertising Program that will allow you to make money from your blog, while keeping complete control over what goes on your site
  • Blog Optimization and Tune Up Services that help you get the most impact from your blog, no matter how big or how small you are today

Design & Development
To augment our services offering to our enterprise customers and most influential bloggers, Six Apart has acquired the most accomplished social media design and development shop in the world, Apperceptive. The staff at Apperceptive knows blogging, and has worked with Six Apart customers including Major League Baseball, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Gothamist, and many others to develop beautiful websites with active communities.

Map In addition to forming the core team for Six Apart Services, this acquisition also establishes a New York City office for our company, adding to our locations in San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo. One great result of this new office is that, if you're passionate about blogging, we're hiring in San Francisco and New York!

An Advertising Program Tailor Made for Bloggers
Whether or not you started blogging with the intention to make money, everyone has the desire to devote more time to doing what they love.  Our goal is to make bloggers successful, and to that end, our newly-launched Six Apart Media team has plans to arm bloggers with the capabilities every publisher needs: distribution, web development, SEO and creative services.

The advertising program will offer the same level of freedom and control that TypePad subscribers are used to:

  • You choose if you'd like to monetize your blog; on TypePad we don't put ads on your blog without your permission
  • You have control of what’s on your blog, and the power to accept or reject campaigns and work with our team to build the right solution for you

With this new advertising program, we’re offering a favorable revenue share for the blogger, and the services included in the program are tailor made to bloggers' needs.  We also have the ability to connect bloggers and advertisers in ways no other network or digital media company can.

This advertising program is being launched initially to a select group by invitation only, but don't worry -- additional opportunities to participate over are just around the corner.   

If you’d like to be first in line to get information on how you can take advantage and join the program, sign up for an email notification as soon as we release more information.  The Six Apart Media team is poised to get you started as soon as possible.

Expanding Blog Services
In the coming weeks we will launch a suite of blog optimization and tune up services that will help you maximize the reach of your blog.  These services will be available to all TypePad customers for an additional fee, and will include custom enhancements to your blog such as domain mapping, banner design, feed and subscription setup and more.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks and sign up to let us know you're interested.

We've always known that blogging can change lives and change the world, and we continue to innovate and expand to make that happen every day. Today’s announcements are the next step in meeting your evolving needs, as we offer both the technology and the expertise that will give you the chance to be rewarded for your creativity, passion, and influence.  We can't wait to see what this community inspires next.

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I think that's great news. Apperceptive has been such an influential force on the web, and I'm sure they're a great addition to the company. I publish a personal blog right now, but I'm working on a few more 'serious' projects for which I'll also be using Typepad. I've been a Typepad user since 2004, and it's Six Apart's drive for innovation and great customer support that has kept me with you all that time. Keep up the good work! On a related note... Is there any chance of Action Streams making the jump from Movable Type to Typepad?


I've blogged with you since 2003 - initially for a personal blog, but more recently using typepad as our website for the school I work in, where we domain map to the typepad service.

You wrote;
These services will be available to all TypePad customers for an additional fee, and will include custom enhancements to your blog such as domain mapping, banner design, feed and subscription setup and more.

Does this mean that domain mapping will no longer be included as part of a package feature?

Jane Doe

Hi Simon,

Domain mapping remains part of the standard subscription package for the Plus level and above. However, you need to set it up yourself, as has always been the case. The same is true for uploading a banner image and the other options.

The service we are offering is that we will do it for you.

I hope this helps clarify!




I've always extolled the virtues of TypePad and I encourage small businesses to use it instead of a website but today I hit a major problem. Google Ads changed their rules on the ist of April. I could not quite work out their rules and was assured by someone else that it was about affiliate people having sham sites. Their new rule is that the url shown on the ad has to tie in with the url underneath. I have tried with various urls pointing to a TypePad blog address and they won't work. I was on a conference call tonight with a major affiliate player who tells me that under their new rules I need to use regular hosting with a domain name and a WordPress blog. The great thing about your Pro package was that it did not need hosting and people could just point a domain name and off they went and could do a Google Ads campaign.

The value of natural search is in decline as Google takes over more of the space right at the top of the page so having Google Ads will become a must for those using a blog for business.


Niamh Kiernan

Kristi Roberts

Are you offering these services to Moveable Type clients, as well? Or just TypePad accounts?


A Twitter User

Currently my blog and website are spread out over multiple services/hosts: Feedburner, Feedblitz, Google Adsense, Amazon and so on. The more Typepad can pull together a centralized service model, the easier it will be for folks like me to optimize our web presence. I'm not a high profile, but I average 6 gig bandwidth per month on the website and 3000 visits per month on the blog. Coordinating it all is time consuming. I'm looking forward to the new services



I've been reading back through the year's posts and subsequent comments about the improvements to the service and am happy to see all of it. I've used TypePad for years for personal blogging and have given TypePad accounts for Christmas, etc., but have only recently begun using it for business reasons and, working with it on that level, have found that it's tremendously robust in some ways and yet surprisingly inadequate in others. I still love TypePad and want very much to keep using it, but of course that's dependent upon its meeting certain functional needs. Many of the basic-but-critical improvements released recently (comments feeds, "next" links at the bottom of the page, etc) are encouraging. But I'm pretty desperately in need of information about what else is coming, in terms of actual functional improvements, so I'm here seeking that.

There've been a few posts from Six Apart about upgrades current and pending (though much of it vague) and a lot of great, concrete feedback from users in comments to those posts. But there's a lingering disconnect between the two. Is there any way of knowing which of the users' comments are also agenda items for Six Apart?

For instance, improved comment functionality is of urgent importance to me. Many commenters have noted the need for numbered comments and for navigation amongst multiple pages of comments. If these are in the works, it would be good to know, since otherwise I need to look at alternative platforms, and quickly. (And, in fact, does anyone know why there's a nice amount of space between the individual comments here on Everything TypePad but no way to adjust the very poor spacing on one's own blog? If there is a way, can someone tell me what it is? The way the comments run together is, understandably, complaint number one from my community.)

Another thing that's been noted by many commenters is that there's no indication of how much bandwidth we're using, even though fees are based on bandwidth. I understand from the comments that this info was once available but is no longer. Is there any plan to restore access to that info?

The same goes for the needs for native search (including across multiple blogs in the same account), a more accurate preview, and some form of a support forum, all repeatedly raised. Can we please know if any of these things are being worked on?

On the subject of support, another thing I've learned from reading back through the year's comments is that Pro users are supposed to get replies to support tickets in 24 hours. Mine have routinely been responded to on the third day after I open them — then I follow up, and a response to that is again received three days later — which means it regularly takes a week or more to arrive at the answer to a question. That's incredibly frustrating when I'm trying to make business decisions and can't get the information I need in anything at all like a timely fashion. Knowing I'm supposed to be getting answers in 24 hours obviously amplifies my frustration.

Like I said, I love TypePad and want to keep using it — if I sound at all like a crank, please know that's the furthest thing from my intention. I'm going to email this to Chris Alden as well, as per his New Year's invitation, and I have filed a few bug reports through support, so I'm pursuing various channels. But I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about all of this, so I'm asking this here, too. The overarching question being: Which of the suggested improvements are currently in development? And more specifically, what improvements can we expect to see to the comments functionality?


Addendum to my post of the 2nd May 2008.

Yesterday, Andy Wibbles of SixApart solved my problem with Google Ads. I discovered that Google ADs written after the 1st April this year will not work if the domain name is simply pointed or redirected to the Typepad blog. However, if the domain is properly mapped there is not a problem. I'm really pleased.

Account Deleted

I still love TypePad and want very much to keep using it, but of course that's dependent upon its meeting certain functional needs.The sound at all like a crank, please know that's the furthest thing from my intention.I could not quite work out their rules and was assured by someone else that it was about affiliate people having sham sites.

Keith Smith

I am interested in the Six Apart Advertising addition to my blog. I filled out the information but haven't heard anything as to whether or not I am going to be able to do this. When will I find out? :-)

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