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Six Apart Supports Bike to Work Week

Speaking of bikes, we have a lot of biking enthusiasts who work here at Six Apart. So we're pretty excited to support Bike to Work Week by encouraging all of our employees to bike to work this week. San Francisco's Bike to Work Day is on Thursday, May 15th, and New York City’s is Friday, May 16th.

We're getting into the spirit by circulating helpful tips, maps and encouragement to coworkers. Six Apart staffer Beau Smith posted to our internal blogs with his pitch for why we should participate:

"Biking adds a little more exercise to my day, I get to see some amazing views of SF, helps me reduce air/water/noise pollution, I take routes that cars can't take, and in general biking makes me happy (must be the endorphins). If I bike to work, I don't have to deal with traffic, I get to work in the same amount or less time, I save $7-15 in parking, and a few bucks in gas... I can then convince myself to spend my savings on lunch!"


Bike By Our Office on Thursday Morning

We plan to show our support to all of the bike riders who pass by the front of our office by giving out coffee, juice and snacks on Thursday morning from 7 am to 9 am. If you're in our neighborhood, look for the sign in front that reads, "Six Apart Supports Bike to Work Day".

Riding in the AIDS/LifeCycle

JamisonOn a related note, three Six Apart employees will ride in the AIDS/LifeCycle from June 1-7: Jamison Wieser, Mike Baehr, and Alex Bain. Not coincidentally, Six Apart has been providing the AIDS/LifeCycle organization with a TypePad blog for three years. (It hasn't been updated for this year's ride yet, but it will be.)

For more information and to find out about events in your area, visit the Bike To Work Week website.

Will you be biking to work this week? Let us know in the comments. If you snap a photo of your commute, include a link to it!


Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

It is great to see that Typepad supports cycling so much. I hope you will also help spread the word about the 758 mile Equal Parenting Bike Trek

Jamison Wieser

I wasn't happy with how that photo turned out cause I don't have my bike up straight.

I'm hoping to get a better one this year. You'll probably be seeing photos of us in our swanky new AIDS/LifeCycle Team TypePad jersey. I still need donations of support to reach my $6,000 goal.


Catholic Charities


Don Berens is cycling across America now and for the next month to benefit Emergency Assistance of Catholic Charities. Check him out!

Jim Smith II

Way to go Six Apart team!

Jack E

I haven't driven a car since 1992. I have three bikes, two still doing fine, were bought then. If I didn't ride I would weigh 300 lbs.

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