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TypePad Celebrates "Take Your Dog To Work Day"

Did you know that today is Take Your Dog To Work Day?

The Humane Society of the United States are proud supporters of Take Your Dog To Work Day. The organization's President and CEO Wayne Pacelle is an active blogger who says that having their dogs around at the office "reminds us of who we're working for".  Established in 1954 and blogging since 2007, the Humane Society advocates sensible ways to help animals all across the country, from shelters to Congress, and makes the world a more humane place for all of us.  Over on the Humane Society's TypePad blog they're even holding a caption contest for the hard-at-work Piper (an adorable chihuahua mix).

Almost every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day here at Six Apart, as you can see below.

(L to R) Ben and Maddy, Staci and Jax, Sergeja and Sushi, Steve and Rudy:


Penelope Trott takes Rudy for a spin while Mom and Dad work:


Did you celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day today?

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