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Download the Free TypePad App for the iPhone

Did you hear that the iTunes App Store opened today?  Even better news for TypePad bloggers is that the free TypePad download for the iPhone is now available!

TypePad bloggers who own an iPhone have been able to use the solution for months now, creating and editing posts, checking stats and managing comments from the Safari browser.  The launch of the TypePad download offers exciting new features and functionality.

With the free TypePad download for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can:

  • Photoblog in-the-moment and customize your photos by cropping and resizing
  • Upload photos from your iPhone photo gallery to your TypePad blog
  • Create and edit posts, even when you're not online
  • Publish a post immediately or save it as a draft

Home_view Create_a_post

The photo capabilities of the TypePad download offer powerful flexibility.  Snap a photo from where ever you are - a wedding, a baseball game, a conference - and post it to your blog with a few taps of your finger.  Or, perhaps you want to send some older images from your iPhone gallery to a photo album you have on TypePad.  The new TypePad download makes it easy to send photos from your iPhone to your blog.

Photo_albums Take_photo_3 Album_giants

To download the free TypePad app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, follow this link or head to the iTunes App Store and look for it in the “Social Networking” category.  You can also spot it right from the front page today!

The TypePad Mobile team has plans to add features to the TypePad download for the iPhone, and they would love your help.  Try it out, then tell us in the comments what features you would like to see.  We may be able to add your request to a future release.


Fox Tucker

Good job on the iPhone App! Been having a play with it and it's very intuitive.

David Dugan

You say the native app has all the capabilties of the web app, but I can't find anywhere in the native iPhone app that allows you to monitor comments or stats, or edit previously published posts. Am I missing something?


I like the idea of a Typepad app for the iPhone, but I did have some issues with this implementation. First, my Category list was blank. How can I get it to see my existing categories? Second, sometimes when I took a photo and said Use Photo it worked (put me into the post edit screen) and sometimes it didn't do anything but just went back to the main menu. Third, this app is only for creating a post and has no interface to manage posts. So I still have to use the web interface to manage posts. That means I have two almost identical Typepad buttons - one green and one blue - and have to keep track of which is which.

Still, it's nice to be able to photoblog on the fly.

Krissy from the TypePad team

Leslie - Thanks for your feedback. Re: categories, hitting the Refresh button in the Settings menu will bring categories back. We'll look into the second issue you described. Also, we are working on adding new features in the future and post/comment management is part of the most important ones.

Krissy from the TypePad team

David - You're right, currently you can use the web app to monitor comments and stats. The Mobile team is working on adding features to the native app, including post/comment management. Please let us know if there are any other features you'd like to see in the native app.

David Dugan

Thanks Krissy... it will be great to have the features of the web app rolled into the App Store version. The new app is very nicely crafted. Six Apart obviously "gets" the iPhone!

Leigh Hanlon

The iPhone TypePad application is a great idea -- and it's working wonderfully for text. I'm having some issues with photoblogging, however, that I'm hoping someone here can help me with.

From what I can tell, the app ignores Web-based default settings that allow custom photo sizes and text wrapping. In fact, in my experience so far, the iPhone photos I've blogged look pretty bad.

The app seems intent on taking my 2 megapixel image, reducing it to around 320 pixels wide and then EXPANDING it to around 400 pixels wide to make it fill the entire text area.

Is there a workaround for this? I've seen this problem on a number of blogs using the app.

Leigh Hanlon

Krissy from the TypePad team

Hi Leigh - I checked with our Mobile team and they let me know that they're in the process of working on the issue with photo quality. In the future, the "moved and scaled" images should not appear in lower quality than a regular photo. In order to enable the move & scale option, it was a short-term trade-off in quality, but also allowed for the image to auto-rotate as well.


I'm having the same problem with categories not showing -- even after refreshing settings. Please advise. I can't wait to use the app. Thanks.


Hi Lee - our engineering team is working on a fix for your issue. I'm following up with you via email with more information.


I downloaded the TypePad Aplication for my iPhone and I have a lot of problems with it.

By example, when I try to create a new post when I select the blog a press Publis, after appear a message that says: Error Publishing, Unexpected response while publishing an item. I check the Settings, Refresh Accout Settings and back to my pending post. If I try to press Resume then the application freeze and lost all my text; furthermore I don't find a way to save drafts.

I tried to write three or four post and I lost all my text 'cause these bad application.


Charles Teague


Thanks for making an iPhone app!

I have a category on my blog called 'Tips & Tricks'. In the iPhone category picker, this actually shows up as 3 categories


rather than one.



Krissy from the TypePad team

Hi Charles - Ray from the Mobile team let me know that this issue was solved in the 1.0.1 version. You'll need to Refresh your blog settings (on the Settings tab in TypePad on the device) in order for this to be corrected. Hope that helps!

Account Deleted

Hi how r u?

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