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Download the Free TypePad App for the iPhone

Did you hear that the iTunes App Store opened today?  Even better news for TypePad bloggers is that the free TypePad download for the iPhone is now available!

TypePad bloggers who own an iPhone have been able to use the solution for months now, creating and editing posts, checking stats and managing comments from the Safari browser.  The launch of the TypePad download offers exciting new features and functionality.

With the free TypePad download for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can:

  • Photoblog in-the-moment and customize your photos by cropping and resizing
  • Upload photos from your iPhone photo gallery to your TypePad blog
  • Create and edit posts, even when you're not online
  • Publish a post immediately or save it as a draft

Home_view Create_a_post

The photo capabilities of the TypePad download offer powerful flexibility.  Snap a photo from where ever you are - a wedding, a baseball game, a conference - and post it to your blog with a few taps of your finger.  Or, perhaps you want to send some older images from your iPhone gallery to a photo album you have on TypePad.  The new TypePad download makes it easy to send photos from your iPhone to your blog.

Photo_albums Take_photo_3 Album_giants

To download the free TypePad app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, follow this link or head to the iTunes App Store and look for it in the “Social Networking” category.  You can also spot it right from the front page today!

The TypePad Mobile team has plans to add features to the TypePad download for the iPhone, and they would love your help.  Try it out, then tell us in the comments what features you would like to see.  We may be able to add your request to a future release.

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