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New Themes: Sports & Leisure

With the 2008 Olympic Games fast approaching, many of us have sports on the brain. Whether you're gearing up for a run, root-root-rooting for the home team, or packing your bags for a summer get-away, we've added new athletic and travel themes to help you bring home the gold.


(L to R, top to bottom): Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, BBQ, Running, Anchored by Wolfsavard, World Travel by Michael Rose & Jet Set by Michael Rose.

Most of these new themes have several color variations to choose from.  Log in and click to the Design area to see the 25+ new theme choices, and bring your blog to the great outdoors!



These are some catchy banners. I would like to know when you will introduce some themes that include horizontal navigation which you can find on many blogs over at WordPress

Shanna the She-Devil

Wonderful. Lovely. Now can we please replace that disgusting knitting theme?

Public Relations Guru

We love that one of the sunset during dusk. Very peaceful

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