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New Themes: Keep It Basic or Get Political

Our design team just added over 40 new theme choices.  Show your patriotism with stars and stripes, or you can get downright political by choosing the Democrat or Republican themes.  There are even two green cityscapes that are rather eco-friendly - blogging does save trees, after all.

For the minimalists, we added Basic themes in over 20 color choices.  Those of you with Pro, Premium and Business Class accounts can choose one of these Basic themes and add your own banner to it with our Custom CSS feature.  Check out TypePad team member Andy Wibbels' how-to posts about using Custom CSS to change your blog's banner and background.

(L to R, top to bottom):  Democrat, Civic, Republican, Stars & Stripes, Star Burst, Starlight, Mountainscape, Green City, Basic

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