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Blogger Jason Womack Teaches Us How To Be More Efficient

Have you ever wished you had more time in your day?

We've all wished that before, especially at the office. Last week, the staff here at Six Apart got a real treat when Jason Womack came in to speak to us about Maximizing Workplace Efficiencies. He gave us helpful tips on meeting deadlines, leading efficient meetings, minimizing distractions, maximizing technology, and reducing workplace stress. It was a diverse crowd here at Six Apart, from customer service reps to backend engineers, but we all walked away with some helpful ideas for how to be more effective and efficient at work.

Jasonwomack In addition to being a TypePad blogger, Jason W. Womack, M.Ed., M.A., is a Professional Workplace Performance Trainer, Coach and Consultant.  We also found out he's an energetic, optimistic, knowledgeable and personable guy with a great sense of humor.  Jason handles his own full plate of business, family and triathlon training (!) with energy to spare, so we were inspired by his example. 

Just in time to start the work week, stop by today to read Jason's article "How to Kickstart a Low-Productivity Day."  Visit Jason's TypePad blog and follow Jason's Twitter account to see what he's up to on a daily basis.  And to get some of his quick tips for free right now, head over to

Thanks again to Jason for stopping by!


Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA

Thanks to Krissy, Julie, Chris, Alex, Andy, Rebecca and everyone else who I didn't get to meet for making this a great seminar day!

Working in the offices of a company I am a fan (and customer!) of was wonderful! I appreciate the opportunity to share some of our ideas with you all.

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