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Two of our amazing TypePad bloggers, Matt of and Meg of were on Martha Stewart's show recently talking about what else: blogging! Along with some other great bloggers - including the whole audience - Matt and Meg wowed Martha with their stories about how a "little four letter word sparked an internet revolution".  Check out some behind-the-scenes photos on Meg’s Vox blog, and watch Matt make cookies and talk about blogging with Martha (great job, Matt!):

Several other TypePad bloggers were featured in Martha’s Best of the Blogs list, including Senior Stylist at Martha Stewart Living Eddie Ross and these awesome design and lifestyle blogs:

Congratulations to our TypePad bloggers for getting a shout-out from Martha – high compliments, indeed!

Did you watch Martha's blogging show? Want to know more about how to get your own great-looking TypePad blog? Let us know in the comments.


Steve Thompson

I also participated in this blogging show and am a typepad blogger. I was invited by the Martha Stewart show to attend and blog live while we taped the show which I did. It was great. I've been with typepad for almost two years!


Krissy from the TypePad team

Thanks for stopping by, Rider, and congratulations on being invited to Martha's blogging show! We're happy to have you blogging with us.

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