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New Themes: Autumn Scenes

Here are some new themes for those of us who are ushering in Autumn (here in San Francisco, we still seem to be in Indian summer).  We've also added themes for writers, tea-drinkers (or is that sake?) and book lovers.  Several of these gorgeous themes were designed by some of your fellow bloggers.


L to R, top to bottom: Chopsticks by Paulina Bozek; Autumn by Taylor Savvy; Inked; Future Perfect; Books by Jared McPherson; New Life by Golly Kim

Log in and click to the Design area to check out these great new themes!


Meg @ Spicy Magnolia

Thanks for the new scenes! Might I suggest adding some more though for those who really like variety? I used to be a Vox user and they have some awesome scenes, and a lot more choices even for autumn scenes. Any way to start integrating more of the vox scenes?

David Saunders

Super new themes - I wish we could have an easy way to have someone design a special theme for me :)


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