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Continuing TypePad's 5th Anniversary Celebration

As we continue to celebrate TypePad's 5th Anniversary throughout October, we wanted to fill you in on the ongoing activities.

Kandj Many of you have sent in your inspiring stories that we continue to showcase on the Celebrating 5 Years of TypePad page: from Katherine and Jon who met through their TypePad blogs and are now engaged to be married, to several successful business consultants, to mother of two Tara Frey who blogged her bliss all the way to a book deal.  Chantal Hubert, whose blog is approaching its own fifth birthday, even wonders if blogging might be a bit therapeutic.  You can read all their stories, in their own words, and submit your own stories and photos on the Celebrating 5 Years of TypePad page.

We're also celebrating here at TypePad HQ in San Francisco with a fun get together next Thursday, October 30th.  It's a casual gathering with Six Apart staff and bloggers on TypePad, Movable Type and Vox for snacks, music, meeting fellow bloggers and sharing stories.  If you'd like to join us, please RSVP by emailing your name and blog URL to anniversaryRSVP AT with by October 24th.  Space is limited, so please email us if you're interested in attending and we'll send you the details.


Account Deleted

I've used Typead since November 2003. I was seconded to work on a digital literacy project at a university and had to record in a "daily diary" everything I did. Typepad was perfect for my "" work.

Since then I've gone back into the classroom teaching and used Typepad to build the school website. (

Strangely though my original site - that I still use - is waiting for the upgrade to the new platform, whilst the newer school site has already been moved across.

Nice to see early users are rewarded, isn't it!

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