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Want to make a difference in the life of a public school teacher and his or her students? Want to contribute to the education of the next generation of bloggers? 

Bchallengehow For the second year in a row, Six Apart is participating in the DonorsChoose.org Blogger Challenge. The challenge starts today and ends on October 31st, and we'd love for you to participate along with us.  Just as we did last year, Six Apart is sponsoring the award for the bloggers who reach the most kids.

The Blogger Challenge is a friendly contest among bloggers to raise money for low-income public schools.  Here’s how it works: teachers from all over the country post items they would like funding for, such as writing supplies for a journalism class, equipment for a science lab, or music instruments for a band class.  Bloggers choose their favorite projects, and link to their challenge page in a post or via a widget on their blog where their readers can donate. The bloggers who raise the most money or reach the most kids will win an award.

Congratulations to the many Six Apart community members who raised a lot of money last year, including NYC-based venture capitalist Fred Wilson of A VC, who raised $18,000 (see Fred's 2008 challenge), and a University of Minnesota biologist at science blog Pharyngula who raised $15,000.  Many more bloggers in the Six Apart family are participating this year, including Finslippy (who promises to reenact Pat Benatar's video for "Love is a Battlefield" in its entirety if she wins), Silicon Valley Moms, and Scienceblogs.com, to name a few.

Here’s how you can participate:

Donors Choose will announce the results in early November, and we’ll reveal the winners of the Six Apart award for bloggers who reached the most kids.

Are you going to accept the Blogger Challenge?  Tell us about it (and link us to it) in the comments!


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I'm a bird researcher, and I'm participating by highlighting several projects that help connect kids to birds and improve their environmental awareness and literacy: http://www.bootstrap-analysis.com/2008/10/donorschoose-help-science-in-the-classroom.html


I'm supporting "Keeping Things 'Current' in Health" as a member of the BlogHer Contributing Editors Challenge:


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