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Q. How will I know when I'm on the new TypePad?

A number of you have written in to ask how you can tell whether or not your account's been upgraded to TypePad's new, next-generation platform. We've added an easy way to check. Just sign in to your account and click the TypePad logo to go to the home page (aka the "dashboard"). If you see a message like this you're on the new TypePad:


If you don't see the message, hang tight. As Ben explained in his post, moving accounts to the new system is a complex task, and we want to be sure we doing things carefully and methodically so you'll see little or no disruption to your service.



Okay, but as a blogger with four kids, I'm really not that good at waiting, for anything ;o)


The best new feature is the long filenames/post URLs. The old 15 character limit was annoying.

One thing I noticed about the new editor is it seems to format posts strangely. In my last couple posts, it used 2 "BR html tags" between paragraphs instead of using the standard "P tags".

benjaminism, holiday halliday, slippers, ben ben

here here.... :-)


I have the same issue as Kurt -- paragraph breaks are now double BR, not P, which I really don't like, and can't find a way to modify.

Also, please give me back my block quotes, indent doesn't do it for me. Thnx.

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