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Give One, Get One

The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are encouraging bloggers everywhere to support One Laptop Per Child’s Give One Get One program. One Laptop Per Child’s mission is to help the world’s poorest kids to know, learn, and understand. OLPC provides a green, low-cost laptop that’s tough enough to withstand a child’s curiosity, and is full of educational content and software to help them connect to the world around them. Being connected to the web is something we feel passionate about at Six Apart, and being connected can fuel young imaginations for a bigger tomorrow.

Join us and thousands of others and get involved today:

  • Give One, Get One. You can buy a laptop for a child around the world and for a child near you with the Give One, Get One program. Purchase online at
  • Spread the word. Learn more about OLPC and Give One, Get One and write about it. Your voice will help encourage others. Here are some great videos to share with your audience.

Thanks, in advance, for all of your support. Six Apart is proud to help bloggers continue to change the world.


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I think this is a great idea, opening up the minds of children at a young age to a life of knowledge and understanding is a great gift...

The Typepad Team

thanks! We're excited about it too, and glad so many people are helping those in need.

Che Hector

Its a great cause


I would rather give an iPhone than a laptop.

I personally can't stand my laptop, but find my iPhone to be the all-in-one gadget that I could gladly trade most of my other online 'toys' for if need be. Great ideas. I am going to be using/recommending TypePad alone for my upcoming non-profit venture. The thought that goes into new features and the way you choose to promote them and programs like these set you apart from the rest.

Jamison Wieser

There was a stack of XO laptops at the front desk when I arrived yesterday morning. I'm really thankful for the way everyone here at Six Apart rally behind a good cause (he writes, looking at his "Team TypePad" jersey from AIDS/LifeCycle and how more than half the money he raised came from folks here) and behind each other.

C Note

This is really cool. Thanks for posting.


I'd love to see Apple start up a similar program too - especially as they can refurbish devices as they "age" out...great idea!

Jillian Sands

This is a great cause and worth supporting! I hope every child in the World gets one!

Jillian Sands

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