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Favorite Blogs: Uterine Wars

Soper_and_moonpie_2 If one of the Sedaris kids wrote a blog about families and adoption, it'd read a lot like Uterine Wars. Sometimes, family is what we make of it - there's funny, and there's dark, and then there's trying to be funny whilst whistling in the dark. Often, though, humor is the only thing that gets us through, like talking about your feet/HMO woes. And really, what's this babydust fairy-term all about? (Translation: that fairy is kind of a bitch.) Even in the midst of an unsuccessful adoption, Uterine Wars finds room to write clearly, poignantly, and moves over to make room to share with all of us the ups and downs. This is what blogging about life is really all about.

Visit Uterine Wars.


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