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The New Login Screen for TypePad

We've made some functionality changes to the login screen for TypePad, and want you to know a few things about it. First things first, we've heard from some of our users that you might be having difficulty logging in. Here's some steps you can take if you're having trouble logging in:

  • Your member name is now Case Sensitive, so your capitalization when you're logging is important. If you're having a hard time logging in, make sure you're using the capital or lowercase letters you use in your member name and passwords.

  • Did you know you can use your email address to log in now, too? We've had this in place for a while, and our newer users always use their email address to log in. If you've been with us a while, give it a try.

  • Still having trouble? Just get in touch with us and our awesome technical support staff will help you get sorted out.

On the login page, you'll now see a messaging space on the left hand side to notify TypePad bloggers about interesting new features you can take advantage of to make your blog even better. It's also built to create visual consistency between TypePad and what will eventually be part of the TypePad App, TypePad Connect.

Have more questions? Please leave them in the comments. We love hearing from you!


Dave Barnhart

The problem with suddenly - without warning - making the login screen case-sensitive is that many of us who've been on Typepad for a while can't remember the case of what we originally entered long ago when we opened our accounts.

By suddenly without warning making it case-sensitive, you've denied us the chance to login and make note of the case of our member name/email address prior to flipping the switch.


Hi Dave -

I truly apologize that users weren't warned in advance. I know this has caused some pain for users since we rolled it out, and ideally, we would have explained this faster to all of you. I'm happy to send you your username if you want to get in touch with me directly at ginevra@sixapart.com, or if you've already got a help ticket open, they can also help you.

We're working hard to improve both the product and the communication. Any suggestions or feedback, like your comment above, are always welcome and listened to.

Dimitris Diavatis

I miss an encrypted https:// login option.
Is it on your future plans?


hey Dimitris: Good idea! I'll check in on this for you and get back to everyone here.


And it *finally* remembers me after two weeks (using my email of course)! Now this is the *only* log-in screen, right? No more old version lurking in the background to pop up unexpectedly and claim I'm an invalid user and would I like to sign up for a TypePad blog?


Why isn't the login option available at www.typepad.com? Why the unnecessary second step to get to it?



Ben says you can sign in here:


to sign in if you want to be on an SSL page, the submission of the login form is always SSL, even if the page itself isn't.

We're adding the SSL for the page itself to be more prominent in the next release - thanks for bringing this to our attention! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

so the login url will show the
"https" version. It's now standard everywhere to have the login page be
https, and users will look for that as a sign of secure page.


Hi Geo - you shouldn't see any other login screen, but do let me know if you find something "unexpected" - I'm happy to help.


hiya- do you mean having a signin straight away on http://typepad.com, rather than having a second step to the "login" screen? I usually save the login link to my bookmarks so that I can skip over everything else and log in securely. Thanks for this feedback - that is, if I'm understanding it right? Feel free to expand on this to talk about how we could do better.


Yup... I see no reason for the 2nd step. Note how "blogger" has a sign-in available on the 1st page.

If I save the log-in page (or stats page) as a bookmark, then I miss the "news" on the home page.

Also: having stats available with the other options when I first get a list of my blogs would be helpful.

As to the new editor? Pfftt.... I went and upgraded Ecto I've been so upset of how slow, wastefully designed (all that right column open), and flash pop-ups that don't work right.

No time to document the problems... all in all, it's one more reason I hope to migrate away from TypePad (ongoing desire for over a year or so), but never have the time.

The classic for me was the "hey, let's totally change stats and now it'll take 75 minutes instead of 5 for updating). Fine decision.

Anyway, thanks for your note... too much to do to deal with TypePad eccentricities right now.

Regards, Mark

Dimitris Diavatis

Wow, thanks a lot! I must say that was quick. I hope my request hasn't put Ben into to much trouble. I haven't posted so much into my typepad blog yet, but I'm sure many people will appreciate the extra security offered by an encrypted entrance.
It's important to feel safe with something you invest so much time in.

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