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I don’t know who in our community likes hearing new tips for TypePad more — bloggers who’ve been using TypePad since the beginning, or our newest bloggers. Well, since all of us love to make our blogs better, we’ve brought you some new ones! We’ll be adding more tips all the time, but here’s a few great ones to get you started:

’Tis the season to share — feel free to forward these tips or link to them on your own blog. Do you have some tips of your own to share with the rest of the TypePad community? Leave them for us in the comments!


Denise Wakeman

Tips for building your blog readership:

1. Push your blog posts out to your Facebook friends. Automatically set up your posts using the Notes App. My post about how to do this is here: http://www.buildabetterblog.com/2008/01/facebook-can-dr.html

Use Twitterfeed to automatically send your blog posts to your Twitter followers. http://www.twitterfeed.com

In the last 6 months about half my blog traffic is coming from Facebook and Twitter. The added bonus is that those readers tend to comment more!

Blog on!
Denise Wakeman aka The Blog Squad

Dave Weiss

Create a dynamic ShareThis widget, and let your readers submit your posts to Digg, Delicious, Facebook, and every other major social site.


Simon Iddol

make kool posts ;)


thanks to everyone for the awesome tips! Keep them coming!


Most recently, my number one tip has been to hunt through the support knowledge base and ask the friendly and awesome TypePad support team if I can't find what I'm looking for. Over the last few days, the very helpful Jen has been great about answering my new-to-TypePad questions, especially the "I saw this thing on the Internet somewhere, how do I make my TypePad blog do that?" type. Public thanks, Jen!

My number two tip is to send the link to your blog to your mother. Never has my traffic spiked as when my mother sends links to all 5394753 of her closest friends. *grin*

Number three is to get out and talk to other bloggers in your area by comment, Twitter or email. Many bloggers love guest posts from people writing on similar subjects, and it can't hurt to ask!

--John at http://voyagers.typepad.com

Mowie Kay

Posting on forums (that you've been an active member of for some time) and leaving comments like this one (also, as a member) with a link to your site at the end, seems to help a lot in the long term as new readers always tend to stumble upon them and end up on your blog! :-)



I sent this comment along to the support team, so I could make sure they saw your appreciation. It really make a difference to hear good things! :)

I'd been thinking more about guest posts lately...let me know if you ever want to write one up!


that's another great idea - using your blog as a sort of "calling card" on other sites. Thanks for your tip!


Hey, they deserve it -- they're awesome.

Absolutely to writing a guest post -- perhaps sometime early in the New Year. I think that there's a fair deal I can offer on the "Online for Ages, New to TypePad" aspect of my experience using TypePad. Let's talk in '09 (OMG 14 DAYS)!

--John at http://voyagers.typepad.com


Yes it's me. Still trying to sign in to my site to check stats.


Hi Connie - I'm working on a post about this very issue right now. have you tried signing in with the username/email being case sensitive? You can email me if you need help, for sure - ginevra@sixapart.com

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