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Savannah Brentnall

There's a better way to do this. Using Facebook's Notes feature pulls the entire content into each note, removing the need for readers to actually visit your blog. This changes your stats, reduces your pageviews and removes eyeballs from your ads. None of these are good things if you make money from your blog.

A better way is to either post each blog post to your facebook profile via a Share link, or to register your blog with the Networked Blogs facebook application. This app shows the first part of a post, but takes readers to your actual blog to read the rest.

Account Deleted

The blogs needs corresponding transcripts. Sometimes people may not be in a situation where they can run video or audio. Make it as user-friendly as possible for all of us, everywhere.


Hi Professor Andy, this was so helpful! I use FaceBook and Wordpress in my business - it's not only essential that cross-talk happens but that I can do it without bothering tech support. Thank you!

Kirsten Harrell

Thanks Andy! Great tip! I just added my feed.


Thanks for the update Savannah. I wanted to showcase a way to get the entire post on Facebook - and yes advertising/pagesviews are a consideration in using this technique or the one you've described.


Thnx for the reminder - I'll put a transcript together and get it up here for you.


I'm pretty sure this is my favorite Everything TypePad post that I didn't write.

Adrienne Yee

Hi there, I did the import, and it shows an exact preview of how it shows in my daily Feedburner e-mails but unfortunately it shows the feedflare tags too, and they take up a lot of room. It took me a second to figure out to click at the very bottom "view original post" to go to the blog. Tips on getting rid of the feedflares and making the link to the direct post more obvious?


Facebook says, "Import Failed. We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."


Mark Simmons

@Savannah: TypePad bloggers can easily share their updated posts using TypePad's Facebook Beacon integration. Go under Configure > Publicity and set up your Facebook account. TypePad will automattically notify your Facebook friends and drive traffic back to your site.


Fantastic! What a pro :)

Savannah Brentnall

Mark, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it only works if you use the same email address for facebook and the blog. I use my business email on my blog, and my personal one on facebook. Even though I have the facebook option checked, typepad never gives me the share option when I publish a post.


A work around for that is to give Facebook your original, un-Feedburned feed URL. That way anything Feedburner adds will not appear in your Facebook Notes.


I'm getting the same message as Paul Attinello. What is causing this?


I checked in with Paul and it turns out the incorrect feed URL was being submitted to Facebook.


KB are you using http://www.eventfullyyoursblog.com/atom.xml ?


Andy, thanks for responding. For some reason when I logged out and tried again, it worked. I guess it was a blip with Facebook.


Yes! This is gonna same me some time! Thanks!

Kathy Sena

I just use Facebook Share, which allows me to quickly share my post, but to just give a teaser and a photo. That way people can click on the link to go to my post, but the entire thing isn't published on FB.

Susan Kuchinskas

What Sharon said. Also, some of us are word people, and we learn better by reading. Besides, the video went by so fast ... and there's no way to pause it to follow the steps.

Susan Kuchinskas

Oh, but not to be so critical! This is all great info and very helpful. I had no idea this was possible. Thanks Andy and the others who posted additional how-tos!

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I totally agree with Savannah's comments. It would be much better to have the title and a snippet of the blog post so that clicking on it sends the read to the blog much as you can on LinkedIn with WordPress. That functionality works very well.

Also, I tried importing my Typepad posts with Facebook Notes last year and because I write 4-5 posts per week, it didn't take long for Facebook to send a sharp message saying that the facility was being abused for volume and would be withdrawn!

I also use different email addresses for my business blog and Typepad so Beacon isn't an option for me either.


I've listened several times and I cannot catch the text you add on after the Typepad URL to complete this task. Sounds interesting -- but could you actually provide this word in print? Thanks!

Sissy Willis

It didn't work. :-(

I tried typing in http://sisu.typepad.com/atom.xml and got an error message:

"Import Failed
We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."

I do have the "Prompt me to share new posts on Facebook" box checked in Weblogs > Configure > Publicity.

Please advise. Thanks. :-)

Sissy Willis

I tried the W3C feed validator and got the following message:


This feed does not validate.

* Server returned HTTP Error 404: Not Found [help]

* line 1, column 0: XML parsing error: :1:0: no element found [help]

In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendation.

* Feeds should not be served with the "text/html" media type [help]

Source: http://sisu.typepad.com/atom.xml


agreeing here about the video... a nice idea, but i'd much rather have a text-based step-by-step, maybe even with a lil' image on it. old school but effective.

is Facebook Share something within Facebook, or do you configure it in Typepad? same with Facebook Beacon?

Vikk Simmons

Great timing on this one. I opened up my Facebook account last night and found the email notice this morning. I love the information, used the /atomxml, and the import came through fine. I am wondering about the passive income question doing it this way. I may change it later or try to incorporate both to see how it works.

The video feature is nice but I had to listen to it several times and go back and forth between this page and Facebook to actually get this done. I think reading it would have been faster, but I did get it done. Thanks for the tip.


Do you know if it's possible to import a blog on the Facebook Cause page?

Vikk Simmons

Spoke too soon. Everything imported to Facebook fine the first time but when I did my recent post it didn't show up. I'm not sure what to do to fix this.


hi Susan! We've got some written instructions in our Knowledge Base too: http://support.typepad.com/cgi-bin/typepad.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=1118


for those folks asking for written instructions, we've got some more tips on this here:


Hi Vikk - you can drop us a line and we'll help you get this sorted out. My email address is [email protected]

Emee Pumarega, CMP

Interesting stuff? Is there a way to feed a blog RSS into a Facebook Fan page, rather than a personal Facebook profile? I'm sure my personal friends are not super interested in my blog, but business fans are.

Stan Dubin

This was very helpful! However, when I imported my WP blog feed into FB, a very small image of an eBook at the bottom of every post shows up on FB about 20 times the size it should. And the images shows up that way in every post. (I set up a plug-in to offer a free eBook for new subscribers and the eBook is available at the bottom of post feeds. Nifty idea I saw Chris Garrett do at chrisg.com)

Any fast thoughts on this?

Account Deleted


I have a blog that I created on a mac in iWeb. Unfortunately, the blog feature on iWeb isn't great and I'd like to transition to typepad and then bring the new typepad blog into facebook. Does typepad play nice with iWeb? Does iWeb play nice with FB?

Any and all insights appreciated.


Be Colorful Coastal

I am getting the same message as Paul. Help?


hiya! you can use the beacon - it's in your blog -> configure -> publicity. Right now it only works for posts that you're posting rightthisminute: eg, it doesn't work on scheduled posts, or posts that have been saved as draft and are then going live. We're looking at ways to fix this ASAP with our friends at Facebook.


hm - I don't know much about iWeb, but we can help you bring that content into TypePad, for sure! Once you have an account open, you can access our technical support team, who will be happy to help you get this set up.


Hi Pamela - I think Andy answered a few other folks up top - make sure you're using http://becolorful.typepad.com/becolorful/atom.xml - and let us know if that works!


so sorry for the delay - we missed this one! You can do this on Fan pages, sure! You've got to have that notes application available to you, (I think you can add it from "applications") and then you can do the same steps to import the feed. We do so on our Facebook fan page for TypePad. :)


Andy, I tried your suggestion on the video - I use Blogger - and the text all came out mixed with html gibberish. what am i doing wrong?


The vedio is taking so long I can't afford waiting.Can anyone explain to me please..


its me


I've followed your suggestion and am using NewtworkedBlogs. The process was straightforward. Thanks for the tip.


Savannah Brentnall... i need to ask you or someone a question.

I am trying to import only one blog, but all 5 blogs I have posted in blogger are appearing before I post them to Facebook.

How do I post only my latest one?


Savannah Brentnall

How are you trying to import them? Networked Blogs asks you for the URLs for the blog and the RSS feed. If these URLs are different for each blog, as I assume they are, you shouldn't have a problem.

Vikk Simmons

Hi again, I've been able to have my blog show up in Facebook notes on my regular account and on my blog's fan page using the typepad blog address with the /atomxml at the end. Love the way this works. I've also used the setting in Typepad to send the blog notices, too.

However, I continue to have problems with the feed working great and then stopping. When I look the address no longer has the /atomxml tacked onto the end but instead has something about /index. Can't remember the exact. I have to go back in and change it manually back to /atomxml and then it works. Of course it reposts the last ten or so posts again but that's okay. I don't understand why the feed isn't working consistently and why it changes the address in Facebook. Any ideas?

Account Deleted

Awesome tutorial..
Gotta try it soon..
(@malaika23: taking so long? Hmm, I guess it's worth the wait ^_^)

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I just use Facebook Share, which allows me to quickly share my post, but to just give t├╝rksohbet http://www.turk-sohbet.net a teaser and a photo. That way people can click on the link to go to my post, but the entire thing isn't published on FB.


Is there a set of step by step instruction to make this happen? I have tried numerous times and while I thought that I got it to work once, the posts never showed up on Facebook. I got both prompts about the blog post but it never actually made it to Facebook. Is this a Facebook problem you think?

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