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Looking For A New Job?

If you’re looking for a new job, or will be soon, check out our tutorial on how to build a professional blog and resume online. Make it easy for potential employers to learn more about your knowledge and experience, and get an edge on the competition. The tutorial shows you how to put your resume online, along with some tips for setting up a fantastic professional blog.

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Great idea for a tutorial. I've had my resume up on my typepad blog for quite some time now at It's gotten me some freelance work as well as a few full time job offers. I think it's something everyone with a blog should do.


I totally agree! I built a portfolio on TypePad long ago (a blogfolio, really) and it's so nice to be able to point people to an RSS feed too. When you update it, folks who've signed up are notified, and you keep a good, non-intrusive level of interest.

I'd bet you could add your resume to Blog Link and it would be quite awesome.

Good to know there's a feature that allows me to send feeds from my TypePad post to Facebook, but for the life of me, I don't understand what Andy is saying when he tells you what the import URL is. It's your blog URL plus what sounds like Adam.xml. Is that right? Adam? The tutorial image is too small to read, looks longer than "Adam." Is it Addem? Andy: please speak more slowly, or spell out crucial words like this, or make the tutorial image bigger!


no worries - it's the "atom" feed. There's two ways to get your feed to your blog, either Atom or RSS.

There's some more information written out in our Knowledge Base here:

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