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6a00d8341bfa9853ef010536b89cc2970c-500wi Yesterday, David Armano posted up a challenge to his extensive network on his popular TypePad blog Logic+Emotion about his neighbor, Daniela.

I've been at this blog for nearly 3 years now and have never asked for something like this—I hope I've earned enough trust to be able to ask something back from you. Above is a picture of Daniela and her family. Brandon, age 6, Daniela, age 9 and little Evelyn age 4. Daniela is divorcing her spouse after years of abuse. In recent years her mortgage went unpaid and she's lost her house.

He set a goal of raising $5,000 worth of small contributions from our greater online "neighborhood" for Daniela to rent a new place.  In the meantime, David and his wife had opened their house to the little family. He posted, he Tweeted, and at the time of this posting, had already raised over $13,000. All from word of mouth, and all for the greater good. All from the community.

If you'd like to donate yourself, just check out the nifty widget below.


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