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Speaking of Twitter, we really love using it to connect with our community. We like to keep our posts on our Twitter stream fresh, relevant, and brief to suit the medium of microblogging. We like to keep our messages to a general one-per-day at most, unless something exciting is happening. We use the @sixapart account to talk about all of our products, as well as the company at large.

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For TypePad, we try to keep an eye on both the good (check out some of our favorites) and on some of the challenges our bloggers have been experiencing, and to try to get connected with the community as a whole. We want to listen.

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We don’t use public @messages to troubleshoot technical issues too often – we prefer to direct message or email people who are having technical challenges, since typically this belongs with our awesome tech support team.  Tools for tracking the technical issues in blogs are something best suited to our custom-built ticket system. We do love direct messages and answer them all, but for more complex issues, 140 characters isn’t always enough.

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We do like to reach out and contact people who are Tweeting about issues, to find out what we can do to help.  If there’s something that we need to talk about with the whole community, then we’ll either Tweet publicly, or you can also look here at Everything TypePad for news and updates.

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David Saunders

Love Six Apart and have done for years! Thank you for your kind, recent, help Ginerva my little problem was fixed in a flash by Jen.

By the way I am following Six Apart


Woody M. Collins

The Twitter application is so fast!

I hope it works on all posts including Quickpost and Delayed/"Post On", too.

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