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Add Search to Your TypePad Blog with Lijit

Lijit is a service that allows you to add a search box to your blog and also include other sources like your YouTube videos, recent Diggs and Delicious bookmarks. Here's a quick video on how to add it to your blog: (text instructions below)

  1. Go to and click on Get Started. You are prompted to enter your blog's URL.
    Enter your blog's URL and click Get Lijit.
  2. Lijit then prompts you to add your bookmarks, photos, videos, feeds and other information into your search. Select the ones you want and then click Save and Continue.
  3. Next, you'll be prompted to add configuration options to any extra search sources you've chosen. Click Save and Continue.
  4. You'll then create a Lijit account and profile. Click Save and Continue. Lijit goes out to all the sources and indexes them.
  5. You can upload a photo to your search results, or not. Save and Continue
  6. On the next screen, you can choose from various configuration options for the search box that will go into your sidebar. Fill them out and click Save Wijit settings. A success message displays, close it.
  7. Then click Quick Install for TypePad.You'll be sent into TypePad to then choose the blog you want to add the Lijit search box to.
  8. Check the checkbox of the blog and click Add Widget. The Widget has been added to your sidebars.
  9. Go out to your blog and reload it and you should see the Lijit search box in your sidebars.

To change the position of the Lijit search widget, go to Weblogs > (your blog) > Design > Content and then drag-and-drop the widgets in the order your like and then Save Changes.



Thanks so much for this! I've been looking for a cool search tool so my readers can search my blog.

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