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Add Recommended Reading and Star Ratings with the Outbrain Widget

Outbrain lets you easily add a ratings widget so your readers can rate your posts between one and five stars. It also brings up recommended posts based on those ratings. Here's how to add it to TypePad: (text instructions below)


  1. Go to and click on the TypePad icon.
  2. Fill out the registration form and click Register. Your Outbrain account is created.
  3. Then click on Get Widget Now.You'll be sent into TypePad to choose the blog you want to add the ratings widget to.
  4. Check the checkbox of the blog and click Add Widget.
  5. Go out to your blog. You'll now see a one to five star ratings widget, recommendations will appear as ratings accumulate.


David A. Porter


I am VERY, VERY, VERY, happy to see TypePad putting some money in training.

Did I mention that I was very happy?

Please keep it up!

Katie Konrath

Tried it, thought it was a very good idea... and it took 10 minutes for me to uninstall it.

The recommended readings aren't even from my blog. Frustrating. I'd be much more likely to use this widget if I could pick where the recommended posts came from.

I know that Typepad didn't create this widget, but thought I'd give a heads-up about the recommendations to anyone interested in installing the widget.

Ori Lahav

Hi Kate - I'm Ori, outbrain CTO.
Did you know you can control the sources of the recommendation links.
In your outbrain account, you can set the recommendations to come from all our blogs network, only from your blog, or not show them at all and use the rating only.
Follow our Video Tutorials for more info in:

and... Andy - thanks for the blog post.


Thanks Ori! Yes there's lots of configuration options for the Outbrain
widget - be sure to check 'em out!

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