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Add Your Latest Twitter Tweets to Your TypePad Blog

Twitter is a microblogging service that lets you share ideas and news with your friends in 140 character updates. Here's how to add your latest Twitter updates - called tweets - to your TypePad blog: (instructions below)


  1. Go to and select TypePad and click on Continue. Select the number of tweets you want to display and give your list of updates a name. Click Install Widget on TypePad.
  2. You'll be sent into TypePad to then choose the blog you want to add the Twitter widget to.
  3. Check the checkbox of the blog and click Add Widget. The Widget has been added to your sidebars.
  4. Go out to your blog and reload it and you should see your latest Twitter updates your sidebar.
To change the position of the Twitter widget, go to Weblogs > (your blog) > Design > Content and then drag-and-drop the widgets in the order your like and then Save Changes.



Can I change the background of this 'sidebar' to be different than all my other sidebars? Can I customize the background color for example, if I have advanced templates?


Looks like the widget outputs a div tag with ID of #twitter_div so you can add a statement to your Custom CSS:

#twitter_div {background-color: #990000;}

Here's a color chart

Peter Pappas

"How to Stay Home and Use TypePad/Twitter to Network a Major Conference." (My first TypePad/Twitter integration)

I figured out how to network at the ASCD 09 educational conference remotely with Twitter tools and a live Word Cloud embedded in my TypePad blog.
See how it's working and how to:
I've made great contacts and expanded my network. I have metrics on expanding contacts and blog traffic!

Also figured out a few things I'd do differently (For awhile, I think I lapsed into spamming, oops!) Anyway, there's so much to learn about social networking!

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