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March 4 - Building Websites with TypePad Teleseminar

Here's the recording and screencast.

Join veteran blogger and general TypePad smarty-pants Andy Wibbels in a 1-hour session on how to build a basic website with TypePad. We'll walk through tips, tricks and techniques to building a website in a matter of minutes. This class is completely free and is open to anyone, anywhere.

Building Websites with TypePad

  • Wednesday March 4th
  • One 1-hour session
  • Starts at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm London

How to attend the virtual teleseminar:

Before the call starts:

  1. Click here to join the WebEx session.
  2. Call-in toll-free: 866-699-3239 or (toll number) 1-408-792-6300.
  3. Event number is 660 212 121.
  4. Event password is 12345.

Can't make the session? No big deal. We're recording the audio and the screencast for ya and it will be posted right here on the Everything TypePad blog.


Denise Wakeman

Could actually be Wed, March 4? March 1 is a Sunday. :-)


Yes! Fixing...

Andrew Denny

Only just heard about this (10 mins before it started!) so signed up immediately. HOwever, firstly I found that there was no integrated audio. As I'm in the UK I couldn't get a toll-free phone number, so I had to start it as an international call. After 7 mins (before you really got started) I got frightened of the call cost, so logged out. But also, I noticed the software wasn't compatible with my computer (WUXGA screen on a laptop, system DPI set to 150%). The screen wasn't properly visible. So I couldn't continue. I took an screenshot of my whole screen and can send it if you are interested. I really like the idea of these webinars, but I can't afford the international calls, and besides, I wasn't able to see your whole screen, so it was a waste of time. Sorry about that!


Thanks so much for the feedback - would you be able to call in via
Skype or another provider like that? I don't think Webex has
country-local numbers. We'll figure it out for next time!

Andrew Denny

Thanks for listening! I suspect my comments are more aimed at Webex than you or Typepad, but I'll be happy to send you a screenshot of what I saw, if you like.

I didn't know I could dial in via Skype. I simply thought the audio would pop up automatically. I do have a Skype account, but credit I put in expired after six months, and I was so furious I deleted the software.

This indicates a problem with these webcasts. You are inevitably aiming at less skilled people like me (I've been a Typepad subscriber since Beta days (July 2003), but I'm still a beginner in many respects!) :-)


We'll figure something out. I'll reach out to the Webex people and see
if there is some way to pipe the audio through the computer.


It was really helpful to review everything as I'm setting up a new blog. I did the set up for another blog before everything changed so I'm having to relearn a few things... where everything goes. I'm looking forward to your next webinar, hopefully more advanced with some css stuff. Can't wait until there are subcategories within Pages so my products can be further broken down instead of on one massive page. Thanks!


You could also make your products catalog a separate blog on your
TypePad account so each product is a post and you use your categories
to organize them.


Oh guru of building a website on TypePad, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
I've been wanting to transfer my website to TypePad to make my life easier all the way around and you solved my problem of not exacting knowing how I cam make it look like a website vs. a blog site. I appreciate it. And, thank you to Denise (my blogging guru) for telling me about it.


All hail Denise (and Patsi!).

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