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Learning Cool Things From Our Community

6a00d8341c914353ef0112790a790928a4-pi I'm always amazed at the creativity of our TypePad bloggers, and the way that you share your smarts with the rest of our community is a lovely way to give back some of your creativity.

One of our favorite Etsy-bloggers, all things girls can tell, shows you step-by-step instructions (with text AND photos) to show you how to do your own silk screening.

Do you have a favorite blog that inspires you? Share it with all of us in the comments.


Araya & Avery

My sister and I have an animal blog and we are inspired by all of the animal lovers who participate! There are amazing artists and storytellers who share their passion for animals with us and we have so much fun hearing from animal lovers around the world. Come visit us at http://www.stabledays.typepad,com.


thanks so much, Araya! :)

Catching The Waves

Well, if you don't mind the egregious self-promotion...

My blog, Catching The Waves, reviews free albums released under a Creative Commons licence. The music is released for free with the artists' full knowledge and approval; there's oodles of the stuff in many genres, it's all free, and you won't get bombarded with adverts or "special offers" - all you get are the mp3s, the whole mp3s and nothing but the mp3s. Netlabels and Creative Commons licences are music's best-kept secret. Why not pop in at the net's most amateurish free music blog and see what you think? At the very least, you'll be directed to other, better free music websites than Catching The Waves:

No? Too much? Well, you did ask. :)

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