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Domain Mapping Your TypePad Blog with a Go Daddy Domain Name

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Domain mapping is probably one of the most important things you'll ever do to setup your TypePad blog. It helps you establish your blog as a brand and as an identity and reduces confusion in explaining to folks how to get to your blog ('No really, it's john smith dot type pad dot com... not thai pad, but type as in typewriter, pad as in notepad, typepad dot com.'). Domain mapping also contributes to search engine juice since the words that are in your domain name will be some of the keywords the search engines see. Here's how to do it using the domain registrar Go Daddy.

First some background:

Domain mapping is changing your blog's address from an address like to your own domain that you purchase and register yourself ( TypePad updates all of your blog's archive links with the new URL and continues to honor any blogs linking to the old site address.

Domain mapping is not domain forwarding

Many people activate domain forwarding with their domain registrars and think that they are done. They aren't.

Domain forwarding (also called a redirect) only forwards people from to It does not change the links of your blog or archives. Someone types out and they are forwarded to your TypePad blog, but the instant they click any other link on your blog, it is still at the old address. That's no good!

Preparing for Domain Mapping

Once you begin the domain mapping process, it may take from 12 to 48 hours to complete. That is why I always recommend doing it on a weekend or whenever your traffic is lowest.

Register a Domain

First, go to and register your domain name. My best advice for a good domain is one that requires the least explanation. So if someone says your domain out loud or hears it on the radio, it is easy to remember and type into a browser's address bar. If you have an often misspelled name, you might register frequent misspellings as well. My last name (Wibbels) is often mistyped (Wibbles) so I send traffic to a special 'whoops, it's actually E-L-S' page.

Once your domain name has been purchased, Go Daddy 'parks' your domain. You'll probably see a 'coming soon' page when you go to your domain. That's perfectly normal.

Write down your Go Daddy login information some place handy or email it to yourself.

Step 1 of 3: Set Up Things on the TypePad Side

Domain mapping is a multi-step process and the important thing is not to panic. There's a couple points that often trip people up, I'll put those in bold and red.

So our key ingredients are:

  • Your TypePad account login information
  • Your Go Daddy account login information
  • The domain you want to map to your blog
  • The blog you want to add the domain to


Login to TypePad and go to Control Panel > Domain Mapping and click Begin here: Map a Domain Name.

Enter the domain name you want to map (, etc.).

Then select if you want to map just one blog in your TypePad account or the entire account. Most people will be adding the domain mapping to just one particular blog. You can also add domain mapping to a photo album.

Click Add Domain mapping.

Here is one of those parts people always forget: You'll notice that after you click Add Domain Mapping that TypePad now shows a list of all the domains you've mapped. Notice that under Actions it says Activate. This is because you have not activated your domain mapping and you aren't ready to do it yet. Don't click Activate yet.

Step 2 of 3: Set Up Things on the Go Daddy Side

Now we do the second part of the process.

Login to Go Daddy and click on Domain Manager. A list of your domains displays.

Click on the name of the domain you want to domain map. A page loads displaying all of your options for that domain name.

In the center column you'll see a list of options that says Total DNS. Click on Total DNS Control and MX Records.

The DNS and MX control panel displays.

Here's another one of those big bold red parts. You only want to change the www option.

In the list of CNAMES, click on the pencil/edit icon for www.


The configuration panel for www displays. Input your TypePad account's address - (before any slash or folder name). Not your blog's address.

Not or

You want to use the TypePad account address, Not the part of your blog address with the sub-folder.


Then click OK. A success message displays.


Part 3 of 3: Finishing the Setup on the TypePad Side

Again, I do want to remind you this process may take 12-48 hours to complete. The changes you've made to that domain name have to propogate across the entire internet. Readers on different ISPs or in different locations may see different things.

Login to TypePad and go back to Control Panel > Site Access > Domain Mapping. A list of your domain mappings displays.

Next to the domain mapping you're putting in place, you'll see the link that says Activate.

Click Activate. A success message displays. TypePad has now re-mapped your blog's structure from to

Test Your Domain Mapping

Every few hours or seconds, go to If your blog displays, then your domain mapping is full activated both on the TypePad and the Go Daddy side.

If you continue to see the 'coming soon' domain parking page then you still need to wait for your mapping to fully propogate.

If after a day and half you haven't seen any changes be sure you double-check the following things:

  • You unlocked the domain in Go Daddy so you could make changes to it.
  • The www CNAME is set to your TypePad account address - not your blog's folder i.e.
  • You do not have any domain forwarding or redirect set up. These will interfere with the domain mapping.
  • You have clicked Activate on the TypePad side under Control Panel > Site Access > Domain Mapping.

Final Icing on the Cake

So far you've set up all traffic going to to your blog. But what if someone doesn't type in the www - and tries to just go to This is where we get to use domain forwarding.

Go back into Go Daddy's Domain Manager and click on the name of your domain and then select domain forwarding. The forwarding configure panel displays. Type in the domain name with the http://www. Select 301 redirect and click OK.


What we just did:

We've now set up all traffic without the www to forward to the address which is now mapped to your TypePad blog. Readers can type in the www or not - they'll still end up at your blog.

Backing it Out

If you still are having problems, you can remove the domain mapping and try for another day. Go back into TypePad and De-Activate then Remove the domain mapping. Then on the Go Daddy side, change the CNAME mapping for www to the at sign (@).

Get in Trouble?

If you have trouble with domain mapping you can contact our support team. Be sure they know your TypePad username, the blog you're wanting to map, the domain name you're using and how far you got into the process.

Multiple Domains

We received a question from Twitter about multiple domains for the same blog. So you might have but also realize that people might also type in You can domain map one - that will be the one users see in your blog's permalinks - and then redirect the other one to the first one. So I'd domain map to my blog at and then have a redirect for


If I were to map my domain to my typepad account, would I then be able to use that domain as my openid?

Great post btw! I can't tell you how many times I've had to do this for people. Now I have a link to pass along! :D

Savannah Brentnall

How does this affect links on the existing typepad blog? What about feedburner feeds?

Tom Cunliffe

It seems to have worked for me - a great service. I have several GoDaddy domains and the control panel has just about everything you could want.

David Saunders

Well THANK YOU! This has always been a major thorn in my, particular, side.

Now I know the exact steps.


David < Mine :)

Timothy Crawford

Very Helpful Post!

I have my domain name registered through Yahoo. Are the steps different? I deleted my forward and made my cname change:, is there anything else?


That sounds right - change the CNAME for www to -
here's Yahoo's help doc on CNAME's


Your old links will continue to work correctly. Your feed should also be just fine. Note that Feedburner has had some outages the past couple days so that might cause hiccups.


I'll double check with the OpenID team but I'm almost positive you won't be able to treat your domain as an OpenID since our OpenID authorizations are going through TypePad.


That’s very interesting. Thanks – I wish I’d known all that four years ago!

I understand that even after activation, people typing in the old will be redirected to the new domain. But what about all the links in numerous blogs, discussion groups etc that point to specific posts on my blog? It sounds like they won’t redirect to the new address of the individual post. Am I correct?


Those old links will still work. Typepad will send readers to the right place.

Dominique King

This was one of the first thing a blogging friend recommended that I do as I prepared to start my blog, and it's made it so much easier for me in terms of promoting my blog with an easy-to-remember domain name.

Elizabeth Zima

Is the fact that I have several domain names mapped to the same blog the cause of Feed Burner being unable to follow visiters to my blog? AND not allowing me to use Microsoft Live to post?

These directions are so much clearer than what you have in your documentation. I used to have to drink whiskey in order to map a domaine, it was so painful. :) Elizabeth


Yes. Heavy drinking is always recommended when domain mapping. ;)

Your Microsoft Live Writer difficulties should be unrelated since Live
Writer connects to TypePad via

Ideally you should have only one domain mapped to a blog and the rest
are redirects/forwarding. Is Feedburner not reporting any data at all?

Elizabeth Zima

Andy, Feedburner is no longer reporting data for my one of my blogs,, but the other is just fine. I cannot figure out how to correct this. The error began to happen just after Google took over the company, I had no problems before then. Elizabeth


Great post! Very useful!

I just have one question though... After the process is done and goes to my blog at, should I lock back my domain in the godaddy control panel?



Yes - lock your domain back once you've made the changes.

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