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Adding Feedburner Email Alerts to Your TypePad Blog (Video)

Feedburner is Google's service for tracking your blog's feed subscribers and what content they click on. You can also use it to add email alerts so readers that aren't RSS-savvy can get your posts delivered instantly to their inbox.

First you have to connect your blog to Feedburner:

Then, add the email alerts and subscription form to your blog (here's the text instructions Ginevra posted a few weeks ago)


Account Deleted

this is simply AWESOME! I've been waiting to get such a easy-to-handle widget to stay in touch with my readers and now, I got it! thank you Typepad! :D


I agree with Celine !!
It's awesome... and so easy to do

Thank you :)

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I'm new to Typepad. Yesterday I added the feedburner email alert. It works-I received an email update last night, but today I can't access my feedburner account. Actually I couldn't, then I could, and now I can't again. It doesn't recognize my login every time.

Anyone else have this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?

Morry Campbell


I'm trying to do this. I've tried it twice, but I get as far as clicking on the "Activate" button on the email subscriptions page, and it doesn't work. It keeps coming back to saying "the service is inactive." Does it take some time for the feed to post? Should I wait until tomorrow before trying this again?

Morry Campbell

More info: I pinged the feed from typepad, and that was successful. But when I try to activate the email subscription, feedburner tells me there was an error in trying to activate the service.


Hey Mory - sorry you're having trouble - I can't tell if this is on
the Feedburner side or on the TypePad side. Can you open a help ticket
so one of our support folks can check it out for you. Thanks!

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