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Favorite Blogs: Beth's Blog on How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

1316947090_6812521383_oEvery week, we like to feature a blog that's one of our favorites. Have a blog you think should be nominated for "Best Of The Bloggers"? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Beth Kanter teaches non-profits how they can best use social media strategies to stay ahead of the curve in the Web 2.0 world. Her work involves teaching non-profits how to use web technologies like blogging, photosharing, and social networking sites.With low overhead and instant results, social media connects people for a cause.

Through her blog, Beth's been able to raise over $200,000 for a cause dear to her - orphans in Cambodia.

Beth's blog incorporates all of these learnings - building relationships, rewards, and conversation on and about the web.

Visit Beth's Blog.



Beth have you heard of NESC National Executive Service Corps, an organization deovoted to counseling non profits, staffed with retired executives who donate their services?. They consult for some of the major non profits. I contributed a project for the Municipal Art Society, the Eldridge St. Synagogue, and Ethical Culture among others.
I am currently writing my memoir on typepad. You can look in at


@alhamp - yes I've heard of them. My first big job was as general manager of the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra. I had to do all the financial accounting, I didn't know anything about it. I went to NESC to find a volunteer who referred me to someone who was accountant teacher and coached me through double entry accounting systems, reading balance sheets, etc.

Nancy E. Schwartz

I heart Beth. More seriously, she is a provocative inspiration to all of us nonprofit communications and/or techie types.


I'm glad you've highlighted Beth--she's pointing a lot of nonprofits in the right direction. I like her even more now after the PowerPoint template rant....



Helping people with a charity mindset is hard to come by these days. Take care.


Roger Carr

I have learned much from Beth on the topic of social media and technology in support of nonprofits. She practices what she writes about and has changed many lives for the better through her actions.


Cheryl Meril Jenkins & Co.

This is great information. Thanks so much for the inspiring altruistic blog!

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