I Love Blogging: 'Intersection of History and Biography'
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We Love Blogging

Blog_300 It's obvious that we at TypePad love blogging and with Valentine's Day fast approaching we thought we'd wear our heart on our sleeves and declare our love. We love blogging and we know you do, too! And to celebrate that love affair we invite you to declare what you love about blogging.

Here's how:

Step 1 - Write a post about why you love blogging.

It can be a list of what you love, a story connected to your blog, a person you met through blogging, an opportunity that came your way... anything!

Step 2 - Add a badge and link it to this post:

Right-click and Save As... (Mac users Ctrl + click, Save as...)

URL for this post is http://everything.typepad.com/blog/2009/02/i-love-blogging.html

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Step 3 - Tag 5 Friends

At the end of the post, tag five fellow bloggers to write their own 'I Love Blogging' posts. 

Step 4 - Let Us Know!

Let us know about your post so we can link to it - post your link in the comments below.

To kick off the series we're asking some of our Six Apart staffers to reveal why they love blogging.

Andy, our resident TypePad smarty-pants, on how blogging is about the intersection of history and biography.

Ginevra, our community manager, writes about how blogging can be a reflection of yourself to the world.

Alex, one of our VPs and the head TypePad honcho, tells us how blogging a great meal can bring happiness.

Daisy, our communications editor manager, shares how completely addictive blogging can be.

Michael, another VP shoots out a list of 25 bullets on why he loves blogging.

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