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I Love Blogging: 'Intersection of History and Biography'

Blog_300 This post is part of our I Love Blogging Valentine's Day celebration.

I first started blogging in June of 2000 using good ol' Blogger (today I use Movable Type, TypePad and WordPress). I'd first been turned on to blogging reading the blogs of Cameron Barret, Dack and the ur-blog Suck.com. The thought of 'push-button publishing' was intoxicating. I write stuff, click a button and chikapow! it is online for a global audience to read, respond or rebutt. The burgeoning global community of bloggers was a fascinating mix of academics, artists, writers and other misfits enjoying this online underground about to go mainstream (anybody remember the fundraiser for an extra server?).

Blogging is pretty much responsible for all of my successes of the past 5 years. My blog led to clients for my consulting business because they could read my archives and learn that Yes he knows what he's talking about. My blog led to a book deal for Blogwild - with no agent and no book proposal - just an editor calling me out of the blue to say We like your writing style, do you want to write a book for us? And of course my blog led to my current position at Six Apart where I am steeped in the next generation of social publishing and the race for the Next Big Thing.

But one thing about blogging that I love is teaching it. It is so rewarding to watch someone's face light up or hear them say Oh! when they click Publish and suddenly what they just wrote is available for the entire world to see. Or when they get their first comment from someone they don't know and it becomes crystal clear that they are now findable by just about anyone that is looking for what they have to say. That always re-reminds me that these tools and technologies are made for them - for real people. Not the Silicon Valley super-dorks with their iPhone umbilicus and obsession with making everything 'open'. Real people that want to share their views, their lives, their fears and dreams with the world around them. Real companies that simply want a way to get their businesses online. Parents, children, teachers, students, politicians, voters, soldiers, civilians, criminals, survivors, doctors, patients, CEOs, customers, priests, congregations... blogging is made for all of us. The best part about blogging is anybody can say anything to anyone from anywhere in the world. The worst part about blogging is anybody can say anything to anyone from anywhere in the world. Every media format has its trolls and idiots and assclowns. The collective good that comes from democratizing publishing will always overshadow the petty trifle arguments bubbling up in the latest meme.

That is why blogging, for me, is about the intersection of history and biography. The personal and political. The sacred and profane. Where you fit in this world and how the world fits around you. No matter what you are facing in your personal or professional life, there are others out there that are going through the same thing and others that have survived it.

I love blogging because it is a way for us to remind each other that we aren't alone. We're all in this together.

Your turn: Tell us why do you love blogging?

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N505504719_9022 Andy Wibbels is an award-winning blogger and author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging. He has a business blog at http://www.andywibbels.com/, a ranty personal blog and a nutty Twitter stream. He currently lives in San Francisco and works at Six Apart as a trainer and product manager for Blogs.com.



Luv this post, Andy, luv u, and will tell my peeps to come read this. Like you, I luv teaching blogging; it's like giving ordinary folks the keys to the kingdom of web publishing.


Here's my post:


Happy Valentines Day, Andy, and Typepad peeps...

Scrappy Val

Hello there,

As a newly initiated blogger, I thought I'd take you up on this challenge of posting why I like to blog .. here is my list .. Thanks for the opportunity to share :)

Cheers ~ Scrappy Val


PS I know I have tons to still learn about blogging ... LOL

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