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Make a Wordle Word Cloud of Your Blog

Please check out our new article "Create A Word Cloud For Your Blog". We have updated information that makes adding a word cloud to your blog easier. 


This tip works for TypePad, Vox, Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type - any blog platform with a feed.

Word clouds take the words from a text source - like I don't know maybe like a blog! - and toss it into a matrix of words where the most frequent words are largest and less frequent words are smaller. Here's one for Everything TypePad:


Here's how to make your own Word Cloud with Wordle:

  1. Go to http://www.wordle.net/create.
  2. Enter your blog URL or feed and click Submit. The Wordle app loads - it might take a little bit since it is a Java app - hang tight or go get a snack.
  3. Wordle then displays your blog's word cloud. You can change the orientation and shape of the word cloud with the Layout option. Also be sure to experiment with the Color and Font options.
  4. Once you like the layout and design of the cloud click on Save to Gallery and fill out your blog title and info. Wordle saves your word cloud to their gallery.
  5. At the bottom you'll also see some HTML to embed your word cloud into a post.
  6. In a separate browser window go to compose a new post in your blog platform.
  7. You'll need to Edit HTML since we'll be pasting in the raw HTML for the word cloud.
  8. Copy and paste the code for your word cloud from Wordle into the Compose screen. Write some commentary and give the cloud a title.
  9. Preview or save.

If you want a bigger image of your Wordle word cloud, take a screenshot, crop it and upload it.




boy, do I love an excuse to go get a snack.

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