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New Theme!

We've added a new theme that I really like. It's in 5 colorways: black, grey, green, red and orange.

It's called Journal, and it's available in the "New Themes" section in your design area. Here's a screenshot:




Mark Simmons

Very cool theme. Who designed it? :)

Jim Ramsey

Why, I did Mark :). And I hope it's the first of many new themes we'll be adding to TypePad this year.

I'd love to hear some feedback on this new theme and ideas about the types of themes TypePad users would like to see in the future.

Account Deleted

I love this theme. It was exactly what I was looking for last night when I was creating a static professional, resume-style website to hold biographical information and links to my writings around the web.

Account Deleted

I said it on the intrablogs, I'll say it again: this theme is amazing. I think a lot of the designs in the gallery are nice, but this is the the best I've seen so far, and gives Wordpress' Pressrow and Thesis a run for their money. Especially as people fill their banners and sidebars with their own color palettes, banners, widgets, and photos, I feel like strong typography gets more and more important. This is the kind of theme that could turn into any number of slick, professional-looking sites with barely more than a custom banner.

I don't know how doable this is, but I've always wanted a theme with a single box at the top of the sidebar, set apart from the rest of the widgets. You could make it into an intro statement, a picture, an embedded slideshow via a notes typelist, or anything you wanted, but that would be nifty (the little box in the upper-right here http://higashifashion.com/ is what I'm thinking about).

Keep 'em coming!

Jennifer Jeffrey

Hey - AWESOME theme!

This might be my favorite TypePad theme EVER. Seriously.

Great job, Jim.


I love this theme so much. I picked out the orange one straightaway.

Alan Mairson

Outstanding design. Clean & functional. Kudos to you...
A few questions:
- Is it possible for us to tweak the color at our end? (If so, how?)
- Is it possible to add a small graphic/image to the banner, say, to the left of the blog title? If so, how?
Thanks in advance...


Hello Jim and Ginevra,

this theme has serious potential. The only thing I would tweak at this stage is the headings for each post - they are very big. Only thing stopping me taking it up straight away as a 'Plus' subscriber. The layout is great, the wider column at the side works very well.


Do you know what, I've gone ahead and taken it for a test drive anyway.
Very nice!

Jim Ramsey

Hi Alan. I've just posted a how-to on customizing the colors of the Journal theme. It requires the ability to add custom CSS to your blog.

You can find it here:

Alan Mairson

Bless you, Jim. I'll give it a try.
Thanks so much....

PickupTrucks.com Staff

Hey guys. Why can't themes allow for custom logos/headers to be put in? I'd love to have a theme like this new one with my logo and colors. Or heck, even my logo would look good with this in black. I really think it could be a huge help.



Hi David - I bet you could do this with our TypePad one services: http://typepad.com/one. :)


looks great! and thanks for the feedback. :)


That's okay - thank you for visiting, Ginevra!
I got some good feedback from regulars late yesterday too.

- Genevieve


realized that my link wouldn't work - it's at http://typepad.com/one

Barbara J. Isenberg

Ooooh, I love it! I worked this weekend on making my own blog banner and love the new look! Thanks guys! http://www.turkishmuse.com

Celesta Krantz

Any word on when the remaining US capitals are going to receive their blog themes? I would love to see more of those. It would be great to have a Phoenix AZ theme. Make a 50-state theme set. Thank you for listening

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