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Super Slick Social Media Buttons

Digg, Facebook and other social media buttons

Just found this on Delicious: Several collections of super-sexy and super-shlick! social media buttons to ornament your blog. Juicy enough to eat, shiny enough enough to click. Here's a complete view of all the collections of buttons.

Your links to your other online profiles might get lost in your sidebars. Use buttons like the to call more attention to your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

Download the icon set and unzip it some place you'll remember (I always do Desktop).

Choose the icons you want and upload them to TypePad. (Control Panel > Files)

Pop them into your sidebars and link them to the relevant profiles (Design > Content > Widgets and use the Embed Your Own HTML widget).


Account Deleted

These would look even super-sexier and slicker (sorry, shlicker) if the image were sized properly (527x547, not 560x581). Sized properly, for example, the logos would look crisp and professional, and the text below them wouldn't look mottled and semi-legible.

Account Deleted

They have a lot of really great styles on that page other than the ones you show. Hmmm...hard to decide. Thanks for bringing attention to them.


Yes! I put the JPG setting at 70% so I think that is why they look a
little wonky.


Yes! I put the JPG setting at 70% so I think that is why they look a
little wonky.

Jean Tsai

OK, I know this question is so elemantary it's painful, but where does the html come from? I swear I downloaded it to my desktop and onto my files as per the instruction but no html popped up. I suppose this question is like asking how to turn the computer on.

Account Deleted

Hey there Jean,

I have not made a clickable button in forever so I had to look it up and then to be sure I wasn't steering you the wrong way I added an "rss" button to my sidebar. This is the page with instructions for the code: (Code To Make Image Clickable)

This is what I did:
Went to my blog's Control Panel > Files. I actually made a new folder and uploaded the unzipped button into the new folder.

Went back to the CP and to Design > Content > Widgets and used the Embed Your Own HTML widget.

In the Embed Your Own Widget box I plugged in the file's name: rss.png
I plugged in the address of my rss feed:

I used the format shown on this page: (Code To Make Image Clickable)

Unless you want your icon to go to your rss feed you'll need the link/url address for where ever you want your reader to go whether that is Facebook or any of the others. You will put that url address in place of where I put my rss feed address. You'll keep the same format and file for the icon you've chosen.

Best of luck!

Jean Tsai


That totally worked! Of course, it took me a while to figure out what the address of the graphic was, but eventually I did (after clicking on the file in Control Panel>Files.

Thank you so much!!! :)


Account Deleted

Blogger helping Blogger

Makes you glad to be alive!


Thanks for helping out folks!


it truly does. :)

Account Deleted


It's my pleasure, anytime. :)

Denise Wakeman

Thanks for the heads up on this great collection of social media buttons. I really like the set of round buttons by Eli Burford.

Denise, this is totally awesome! I'm so going to use these buttons in my blogs!

DeAnna Troupe

Celesta Krantz

If there is anyone who does social media sets who is reading this, would you please include a TypePad button? It is a social media. Thank you!

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