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The Latest Update to TypePad

Need help with designing the best blog? Look no further than your friends at TypePad One, and we're here to help. Need our help with designing (or re-designing) your blog? We can do that!

More a DIY type? Attend a free seminar with us, or watch our free how-to videos.

Other than our favorite new themes, here's some of the other bugfixes and enhancements we've made to TypePad with our latest release.

  • Introduced new comment pagination control for users with Advanced Templates: If you have advanced templates and get a lot of comments, if pagination is giving you a headache, just give us a shout in your Help Tickets.
  • We've got Featured Widgets! In the design section, under content, check out Outbrain, Twitter, iLike, and ShareThis.
  • Got a business blog that needs invoicing? Check out TypePad Business Class.
  • Fixed comment permalink issues! Now links to specific comments from the "most recent comments" section and from emails will work.

Additional fixes:

  • Enhanced registration flow for new users
  • Profiles retained more easily for upgrades/downgrades
  • Comment notification emailnow points to the comment permalink
  • Improved notification emails/billing flow
  • fixed pagination on Profiles
  • Count is correct on the 'List Comments' page when editing a comment with a banned word.

We're happy we can keep helping improving your blogging experience - there's more to come shortly, including some of those remaining issues you might still be having with comments.


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