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The Latest Update To TypePad

In our latest update, we made several fixes and improvements to TypePad that you've let us know were sorely needed.

A big one was fixing up how our Atom feeds were publishing - which was updating too quickly, causing some folks using TypePad as a newsletter service to be unhappy. We fixed this to update only if there was a major change to the post. Thanks to those of you who hung in there with us on that one - Gretchen from The Happiness Project, Joseph Jaffe's Jaffe JuiceCK's blog, and Second Thoughts among a few others.

We've set your authentication settings for new blogs to default to "optional", which means users can sign in with TypePad Connect if they like, but they don't have to. Before, this was set to "off", which meant that some folks weren't getting the quality information about their community that they wanted!

We made several other fixes too:

  • New feedback form
  • Fix a bug with email field in new ajax commenting
  • Fixed a bug with our iPhone webclip.
  • Fixed a bug with the favicon not appearing in all blogs.
  • TypePad Connect: some people were not able to delete comments, and this has been fixed.
  • TypePad Connect: some people were unable to publish moderated comments, and this has been fixed.

We're continuing to make improvements all the time, so let us know your thoughts in the comments!


John Morgan Hamilton

I would like to know how to set of my "about me" section on my site. how do I do this?

The Zen Birdfeeder

Glad to hear the TYpepad Connect has been corrected. Previously, if I was logged into Typepad, I couldn't respond to comments using a different name. I hope this correction takes care of this issue.

Account Deleted

It sounds as if your developers have been very busy.
I think they are doing a great job and I encourage them to keep up he great work, it is much appreciated just as say, a TypePad-made search box will be when it finally appears. ;)

I thought I'd try to post my problem here as it wouldn't allow me to on the other page. I cannot delete typelists that I've created. Although, I've deleted them several times on several occasions(yesterday) they persist in staying visible. They don't show up on my typepad blog, just in the list of typelists. Is that undertanble?...I hope so:)



Hi Roger - Do you already have a help ticket open on this issue? I've seen this around and we're fixing the ones that we know about ASAP. Let me know how I can help!


Hi Cyn: Thanks for letting me know that this would be useful - I'm always making the case for this one, but it sure is a doozy. I agree that it's important though.


Hi Nancy - let me know if you're still having this problem, and we'll get a help ticket open for you. :)


Hi John: You can either work from the "about me" section, or today's post is about how to create a full profile! You could then link your profile from the sidebar as a TypeList - that's what I do. :)


people can't comment on typepad blogs, WHY?!


lol! somehow i was able to comment on yours, but people can't comment on other typepad blogs, my blog included. Please come over to my blog and see what I mean.



this is strange, I can comment, you can comment, but a friend of mine cannot comment on my blog and a few other blogger friends. I'm stumped! feel free to delete my comments. if you have any ideas you can leave a comment on my blog or email me.



Hi Amber - the best thing to do from here on out would be to get a support ticket open. Sometimes users have reported having trouble with comments loading in Internet Explorer if the page hasn't fully loaded yet...but I'd like to get you into tickets to find out more.

Theresa Loe/LivingHomegrown

I am getting emails and twitters from readers that they cannot comment on my blog either! I will open a ticket too.

John Morgan Hamilton

Thank you Ginevra.

Studio West

The whole comment design in Typepad is odd. Most people are always commenting in the wrong thread or not at all because it's not clear which thread the comments belong to.

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