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Why I <3 Blogging

Picture 4This post is part of our I Love Blogging Valentine's Day celebration.

When I first started writing on the web, (on Tripod, then Geocities) it was almost a revolutionary moment. I've always loved to write, and so I posted some of my awful angsty poetry. Seeing my own work reflected back at me on the screen gave me a new sense of "I really just MADE that".

My writing no longer just sat in a spiral notebook.

Picture 5I didn't really see what I did as "blogging", per se, until I started writing about my own life from a first-person perspective, which was coincidentally on Blogger, sometime in 2002. I liked that the very name of the product told me who I was. I was a blogger! I can blog! There was a name for all the noodly typing I'd been doing on the internet. I started reading some great blogs. Pamie, Anil Dash, Dooce, Tomato Nation, and Balk's The Minor Fall, The Major Lift.

 When I started working at Six Apart in 2004, I moved my blog to TypePad. Ah HA, I thought, now I can actually -play- with this blog of mine. I started tinkering around with TypeLists, the most popular of which was a revolving list of "things my dog has eaten". (included: a box of red oolong tea, 12 marshmallow peeps, 4 pairs of cute shoes.)

I could alter my design the way I liked. I could be proud of my blog for how it looked not just to me, but to the world.

Picture 7

I've deleted whole sections. I've rewritten bits. I've password-protected it when I wanted more privacy, and left other pieces of my interior life elsewhere.

I'm so proud to be TypePad's community manager because I really love blogging. I'm certain that blogging has changed the world. My blog is my home in so many ways. Thank you for letting me tell you why I love it so.

My cheers to you all for always being the best community. I'm proud to be part of it.

Your turn: Tell us why do you love blogging?

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Ginevra-whalen Ginevra writes the blog N-Judah Love Song as well as on her Vox. She likes Twitter for the rapid delivery of a bon mot when no one is around to joke with. She lives out of a suitcase between Boston and San Francisco, and works for Six Apart as the Community Manager for TypePad and editrix of Everything TypePad.

She has never won an award for blogging, unlike her smartypants friend Andy.


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Sounds a little corny!

But I like your style...


well, I'm happy to be a little corny sometimes. So there. :P

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