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How do you find new topics to blog about? Here’s an idea: check your Sent Mail folder. Most of us say something smart or insightful via email at least once a week, right? Something that the rest of the world might benefit from reading? Take a few minutes each week to scan your Sent Mail folder and look for that gem. If you’ve emailed the same thing to more than two people, that’s a sign it might make a great blog post!

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Amanda Rettke

Great idea.

Jut wondering, how do I get featured on the "Great Sites" by Typepad bloggers???

God bless-


Great this is a nice and unique idea. Thanks and cheers.


hey amanda! there's a form for submissions, but just let me know what your blog's about, and we'll see how we can feature it. :)


you're welcome!

Amanda Rettke

My blog is mostly about being a mom, but I do lots of amature photography and am a wife and christian homemaker.  I think I had submitted a form, but never heard anything back.  I would really like to be considered for feature... so let me know what other details you would like!

Thanks for your time Ginevra!


thanks, Amanda!

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