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Free Blogging Classes for April and May

Mark your calendars! We've got a full schedule of events coming your way in the next 2 months.

All classes are free and available via teleseminar.

Click on details for full access information:

April 8 @ 2pm EST TypePad Basics - A 1-hour guided tour through creating your first blog and publishing your first post. [details]

April 22 @ 2pm EST Blog SEO Basics - A 1- hour intro to the basics of writing content optimized for search engines. Increase your findability! [details]

May 13 @ 2pm EST TypePad Basics - A 1-hour guided tour through creating your first blog and publishing your first post. [details]

May 20 @ 2pm EST Business Blogging Best Practices - A 1-hour overview on bringing blogging to your business - and your business to blogging. [details]

May 27 @ 2pm EST Building Websites with TypePad - A 1-hour walk-through on creating a website with just a few clicks. [details]

All classes are free and availble via Webex teleconference with a webcast.

We'll shoot out reminders before each session so you won't miss them!


Luci Weston

Andy -- I attended your first two sessions and they were great, thanks! Looking forward to the SEO session.

How about adding one that focuses on "trackbacks" -- the do's, don'ts and how-to's???

I've read all about this feature, but I am still not getting the knack of it. I can't be the only Typepad blogger with questions on trackbacks, could I? A step-by-step session might be a big help to some of us. Thx!


You're totally right! I'll add that to the queue. Thnx.

The Kept Woman

This is great! I'll definitly sign up. I've found the help pages on typepad really useful and straight forward but I think I could use some help with the next steps.


Please let us know which steps or procedures and we can clear up any confusion.

The Kept Woman

Hi Andy, It's nothing in particular to be honest. I probably tend to "ignore the manual" and then go "wait, how do I link myself to twitter" and then go back through the help pages until I can figure it out.

So I'm at the stage where I've done all of the basic things like write a few posts, set up a couple of pages, connect to Twitter, get my own domain etc and will now either do the Blog SEO basics or just keep on checking out the help topics to see if there is something else I can or should be doing to make my website better.

Does that make any sense?

TAS  mania

My bull pen is full and just waiting to open the gate.... findability is key for me. when I do a search... i can find me! but I know me well.... hope seo lesson helps to identify how "others" see me.


Sure does - what is your particular niche and topic? That can help me
know how to structure the SEO class so it will be beneficial to you
and others.

Account Deleted

Ditto on the Trackback class. I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.

The Kept Woman

uhhh... probably best that you click on my blog. Short answer is that it's about sex. There is nothing (yet) that I'm trying to promote and no particular soap box. I just would like to see myself on google if that's not too narcissistic.

The Kept Woman

Sorry - I keep asking it to reply to Andy but it wont!

Sasha Souza @

Is the Best Practices on the 20th or the 27th? The main page says the 27th, but on the link page says the 20th.

Auntie Patricia

andy, are they all on wednesdays? or is the may 22 friday session REALLY on friday? thanks for clarifying. yeah, sasha is right... the dates need to be tweaked. you need a secretary? me too! :)

Kelsey Pyle

Yes I agree - conflicting dates - please let us know the correct dates for all of the classes. Thanks.

Karin at Tennis IDENTITY

Trackbacks would be great. I too have read and don't "get" what they are all about..great idea!

Karin at Tennis IDENTITY

How about something on making your blog searchable in different languages?

The Best American Poetry

Yes, I'd like more on trackbacks too. And maybe at some point something on using advanced templates. I want to take our blog up a notch but I'm not sure how to go about this.


It'll be on the 20th. Updated.


Dates corrected. Thanks for the eagle eye!

Auntie Patricia

i look forward to the classes, andy! thanks for doing this. will they be recorded so we can watch them again or see them even if we miss the 'live' date/time?


Yup! They'll be recorded. I'm not pleased with the way Webex records
the screencast so we'll experiment with a few options - but we'll
always have the Webex audio + screencast.


I'm really lost with the whole trackback ting .. can use a class.

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